3 Best science books for curious kids

Come to think about it, some of the world’s most renowned scientists started as nothing but mere children, desperate to gain knowledge for the sake of their curiosity, leading them on paths on which no mortal had embarked before. As parents, we all want our kids to be the smartest version of themselves, and as kids these days are getting smarter by the minute, it is our job as parents to provide them with the best sources of scientific knowledge, that is, if they show true interest in it. It is a gamble how you divert your children into certain types of adults that you wish them to be, but parenting certainly is more rewarding and satisfying as well as productive to the society than playing slot games in online gambling sites or any related casinos.

Science can be really fun, not only in the experimenting stage but for children as well, as it is mostly science that fascinates true passion in children. Many kids’ passion lies towards science, which is why we gathered 3 of the best science-related books for children that show curiosity and passion towards science, which are given as follows:

My Little Brain! Explaining the Human Brain for Kids – Baby Professor

Children, as usual, love to learn when there are more visuals and graphics instead of just written text, and that is what this book is all about. Through interactive visuals, appealing drawings and context, this book teaches us the basic functions of the human brain, how it works, how we make decisions, and basically how the brain functions as the epicenter of the human body. It is a fun book that teaches children about the complexities and the importance of the human brain.

Astronomy for Kids: Planets, Stars and Constellations – Baby Professor

When it comes to exploring the universe that we live in, nothing beats the excitement in that. There’s just an innate human nature that compels us to explore the constellations that we live in, which is what this book is all about. A little book with a big pile of information about the stars, the planets, constellations, the black hole and a bit of everything that we know about the universe, written and illustrated in such a way that it compels the little ones to keep reading more and more. The book itself contains the perfect balance of both text and interactive illustrations, which invokes both the comprehension skills of children as well as basic interaction and critical thinking as well. A must-have book for children with sheer curiosity.

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids – Crystal Chatterton

When it comes to experimenting with science, it’s often considered dangerous and concisely limited to the professionals in the laboratory only, however, in this book are contained hundreds of different hands-on scientific experiments right in the vicinity of their own homes, getting vast knowledge of the scientific methods. From building a volcano from vinegar to making cool looking lava lamps, the scientific method waits for no one.

In addition to that, Crystal Chatteron not only illustrates and explains the how of these experiments flawlessly, she also explains the working theory behind the experiment itself, giving kids a broad overview regarding the experiment, and how similar techniques can be used to conduct an entirely different experiment!