3 Things That Will Make Your Kids Love Science

Getting kids to love science is not difficult. Those awesome pictures and mad science projects on written papers can make anyone develop affection for science fast. But then, using only pictorials might not be enough to convince kids to pick science over other fields. You have to make them experience what science really is and how most of the things they do daily revolve round science. Here are things one can do to make kids fall madly in love with science.

1. Embark on field expeditions

One astonishing way you can get your child to love science is to embark on regular field trips. Even if it is once in a while, during your vacations, make provision for such trips. However, your visits should not be to cinemas. Of course, that will not have any effect. Visit zoos, aquariums, and parks where your kids can see the uniqueness of various science projects or have an exotic experience in a tropical rainforest.

You should also endeavor to spend quality time explaining the different sections to your child too. And make sure you move at the child’s pace otherwise he or she might not grab much. You can ask questions that will make your child think critically about what the answer should be. Even if the child cannot provide an appropriate response at that moment, he or she might take it as a challenge. That’s how great scientists are born.

2. Work on their mindset

There is this believe that science is for geniuses. That is why many students hate science subjects. If you want your kids to love science, always make an effort to let them know that science is not boring with solid proof. Telling your child that baking is part of chemistry is not enough. Let the child participate in the process.

Building a house with blocks is another thing that can help your child to develop a love for science, most especially physics. Even if you cannot practically build a real house, you can get a toy brick that resembles the real one to teach your kid. Playing the famous bricks video game can also help in this regard. It is fun and will also help the child to develop more interest in science.

3. Give them access to science tools

The real science tools can be quite expensive and could be quite dangerous. So endeavors to strictly supervision your kids whenever they have access to them. But if you can, acquire toys that simulate the real science tools they are using.

However, kids are naturally curious. They want to learn about the new tools, even before their teacher starts giving them instructions on what to do. So if you are looking forward to starting a new science project with a new set of tools, give your kids enough time to explore the science tools. It is what many teachers do to help kids develop more interest in science.


Science deals with a lot of practicals. It is also what kids, judging by their naturally curious nature enjoys.  According to a thesis rush professional, it is beneficial for teachers and parents to help kids develop an interest in a specific field at a tender age. By applying the tips above, you can get your kids to fall madly in love with science.