4 Lighting Decor Tips for Your Writing Table

Are you in search of the perfect lighting for your writing table? Then you will benefit from the tips on this post. According to college homework helper, writing done with the aid of a laptop or notebook can become less of a chore when the writing table is well illuminated. You will also not strain your eyes when using the keyboard or writing on a book. But there is no perfect lighting decor idea. You can only have a lighting style that is comfortable, and that also inspires you to sit behind your table to work especially if your working on something important like an identity essay.

Here are lighting tips you may find useful.

1. The use of a USB Desk Lamp

Choosing to write in a space with poor lighting can affect one’s productivity.  So, if you are using a dorm room for writing, particularly one without electrical fittings, you have to think outside the box on how to provide adequate light for your keyboard and desk. A wise choice will be a USB Desk Lamp. It is special lighting you can power even when there are no power sources around. You can insert the USB cable to the port on your PC to power the lamp.

2. Try a rotatable and dimmable LED desk lamp

Alright, if you think there is nothing special about obtaining a light that rotates, then you need to reconsider. Rotatable desk lamps are useful, and so are LED desk lamps with adjustable brightness. You can adjust the brightness to suit your taste.

There is nothing wrong in showcasing your creativity with a rotatable reading lamp, though. And whenever you want to focus the lamp on certain parts of your keyboard, desk or another direction, you won’t have to move the entire light.

All you need is to turn the head of the light to whichever direction you desire with ease. And as for the dimmable feature, you will have the opportunity to adjust the brightness to the point that will be comfortable for you to write or research without having tired eyes on time. Also, make sure the lamp you are getting is long enough so it can illuminate any direction you want.

3. Choose a lamp with color versatility

The light color temperature of most of the lamps we have today is fixed. And some people may not be comfortable with using such lights with only one color, repeatedly. On the other hand, the kind of book one is writing or reading, and the mood he or she wants to set can be made possible with the light color one is using.  You may be writing a romantic novel that may require a little bit of dreaming. So, the bottom here is to choose a lamp that has a wide range of color. It could be the blueish white light which stimulates alertness or sleep-inducing orange color light.

4. Use a task light

Your homework zone should have a task light. It is one of the ideal choices for such a place. The task light refers to a sharp and non-shadowy light that is meant to eliminate certain areas, not the entire room. In other words, the light will only keep your working area illuminated and not the whole place.


The reason for making the ideal lighting choices among the many options available is not only to boost your productivity. You will be more inspired to write.  And according to my homework done expert, your selection of light can have a significant impact on one’s performance when writing. So use the lighting ideas in the post to make your writing space well illuminated.