5 Simple Ways To Brand Your Business

Your company’s brand needs to set it apart from the competition, but it also needs to be ready to communicate in a visual language that potential customers are familiar with. That means using a few tools to dial in your brand message and present your values. Remember, first impressions are fast, so a name and logo should be enough to convey the basic elements of a brand’s identity. How does that happen, though? It all starts with the basic five steps to brand creation.

  1. Craft a brand message that reflects your values so you have a communication goal in every other selection as you set up the visual elements of the brand
  2. From there, create a logo with a tagline that represents the attitude of your brand and its message using conventional elements of visual language like soft or hard corners, color selection, and iconography
  3. The next step is to craft a voice that represents the brand so you can guide your communication language in the right direction for consistency with your visual branding
  4. Now you are ready to prepare marketing materials and templates with the messaging you want so you can aim it at various audiences as you expand your market share
  5. Be consistent in every presentation of your brand so clients and prospects alike can identify your communications on sight

When it comes to your online meetings with clients and team members alike, you can project a consistent image and communication style by training your language to the goals of the brand and setting up a custom Google Meet background that carries your logo, tagline, and any other identifying characteristics like brand colors.

Create a Sense of Unity

Consistency does more than just make your brand recognizable. It also unifies all of its communications, ensuring a consistency of experience and expectation from your marketing targets in each campaign. This helps you make sure that you are being represented accurately no matter who you reach out to or what your appeals to the demographic look like. That means using a virtual office Zoom background that unifies visually with your website branding and other written materials as well as a consistent voice in written and spoken communications.

Create a Brand Personality

Moving a step past simply unifying the brand voice is creating a whole personality. Ask yourself what kind of person your business would be if you had to create a character that is the brand. It’s like crafting a mascot, only instead of building the visual you focus on the communication style and attitude to bring everything into focus. The brand personality can help you customize your display when you add virtual background in Teams, allowing you to make it relevant to the day’s topics without breaking the brand consistency you have worked so hard to maintain.

These simple tools can turn your basic logo design into a full branding experience that sets you up for success in any medium you enter with marketing materials, direct communications, or personal client outreach. Work to keep it up to date and remember, rebranding is common every five to seven years in most industries.