Best Water Guns, Blasters and Cannons

If you’re looking for something fun to do, as well as a way to beat the heat during the warmer months, one of the best things aside from swimming is playing water gun wars with your friends, family, and even neighbors. In this game, you will need great weapons to be able to win.

There are lots of aquatic weapons you can find in stores, and they come in different kinds. But if you really want to win over your opponents, check out some of the best water guns, blasters, and canons we found.

1. Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Revenge Zombinator

This cool water gun can blast water up to 30 feet, and also has three separate stream options for firing. This means that even when your opponents are quite far, it is still possible to hit them using this water gun. Since its part of Nerf’s Zombie Strike line, it has a colorway of blue, lime green, and orange.

2. Fuze Cyclone Water Blaster

If you want to take your weaponry to the next level, why not ride your bike while playing water gun war? The Fuze Cyclone Water Blaster can be attached to your bike’s handlebars. It features a spinning tower that can turn 180 degrees from left to right and its controls sit near the rider’s thumb, allowing you to shoot your friends while riding. This blaster requires four AA batteries. It can also be a cool gift for boys.

3. Swim Ways Flood Force Water Cannon

If you plan to hold your water gun war in the pool, this is the best weapon you can have. Its bottom part is submerged in the water and once you spin its hand crack, it will unleash a continuous and powerful stream of water. You can also stock the water in it by plugging up its reservoir, making it a water cannon on-the-go which is best for running and gunning.

4. Aeromax Astronaut Water Blaster

This is a great water blaster that is made for kids with strong backs and those who are fond of space and water gun wars. It features a twin tank reservoir that can hold two liters of ammunition. The water is fed via a hose to this water blaster. Also, its blaster has two nozzles, to release a more powerful stream of water.

5. Kooder Water Gun

This water gun is best for younger kids such as toddlers and pre-teens because it is very easy to use. It features a rotating water wheel and is designed with a puppy sticker making it look cute. The rotating water wheel will allow your kids to see the water as it flows through the gun. Plus, it comes at a very affordable price.

6. Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

This is one of the best water blasters that Nerf offers. It can hold 55 ounces of water in its tank and instead of a trigger, it has a unique lever-action mechanism for shooting. Plus, this water blaster is lightweight, making it easy to carry. It can also shoot an impressively large blast stream of water. The Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka will definitely give you an advantage in your water wars.

7. Stream Machine Water Launcher

In water wars, a water gun that has a quick reload feature is also an advantage and the Stream Machine Water Launcher is the best choice for it because it can reload fully in just 2 to 3 seconds. It can pull water from any pool and is able to shoot opponents for up to 70 feet away. This water gun features a 36-inch barrel and it comes in different colors.

8. Super Soaker Tidal Torpedo Bow

If you want to add a little extra enthusiasm to your aqua blasting, then you need this bow shaped super soaker combo. You have to pull back and release its trigger to shoot both streams of water and arrows. Both of these can fly up to 30 feet. You also don’t have to worry about losing the missiles during the game because they are brightly colored and come in a pair.

9. Carrera USA Mizumi Shubi Water Gun

This water gun will enable you to guard yourself against your opponents because of its integrated defense shield. It can hold .4 liters of water, however, it can only shoot 10 meters, which is great for close range water wars. It can also be a great toy for roleplaying and you won’t be able to find a similar one.

10. Kwik Fill Water Gun System – 2 Water Guns

This item comes with 1 Kwik Fill Station and 2 Kwik Fill Water Guns that will take those summer water fights to the next level! With the Kwik Fill’s pressurized system, you will never run out of water to splash your opponent! You only need 6 seconds to reload the gun, which contains 44 oz. of liquid ammo.

These are the best water guns, blasters, and cannons that we can recommend. These aquatic weapons will surely lead you to your victory in your neighborhood’s water wars.