Buying Clothes Online: 5 Shopping Tips a Woman Should Know

The Internet is a valuable tool for helping people accomplish a lot of things, including shopping for your wardrobe essentials. With the innovations in technology and logistics, you can get your hands on discounted past season stocks from different designer brands in a matter of hours with just a few clicks and swipes with your finger on your mobile devices or laptops.

But easy access does not always equate to quality and best fit. So to ensure a pleasurable online shopping experience, here are six tips for successfully shopping for clothing from a women’s designer outlet and other online stores.

1. Know your body measurements

You don’t want to receive an item that is either too loose or tight. Since you can’t try on the clothes you want to buy, you should be aware of your proper body measurements – height, chest, sleeve length, inseam, waist, and neck size. Write them down in a handy notebook or keep them on your phone so they are easily accessible whenever you’re in the mood for clothes shopping.

2. Measure your best-fitting clothes

Apart from knowing your body measurements, measuring your favorite pieces can also do the trick. Compare this blueprint to the online shop’s size guides to check if the clothes you want to buy fits everywhere else.

Lay a garment flat on a surface and measure it across the:

  • Shoulder – straight across seam to seam
  • Chest – between the bottoms of every arm seam, then double it
  • Sleeves – cuff to the shoulder seam and seam to the center of the collar
  • Back – base of the collar to the hem

3. Check store size guides

Brands do not follow the same measurements for small to large sizes. Thus, you need to check the shop’s size guide every time you buy clothes online and compare it with your body measurements.

Some designer outlets hand-measure each item and give more details about the product, such as back length. Other shops provide instructions if you need to buy a size down or up from your current size in the product description.

4. Consider bodily changes

Your body may change during the year. You can gain some weight post-Christmas, for example, or slim down after hitting the gym or following a weight loss programSignificant body changes like a narrower waist and broader shoulders can alter how your clothes fit and hang.

To prevent any of these fluctuations from ruining your fit, you should take your body measurements every six months or before shopping for clothes online. And don’t forget to update your notes for any changes.

5. Treat model shots as a guide

Looking at how clothes fit the model perfectly can drive shoppers to buy the same set of clothing. But if you don’t have an identical physique, don’t expect similar results at home.

Take note as well that stylists use certain techniques and technologies to make their masterpieces look stunning. They can make loose-fitting clothes appear bespoke.

To avoid getting disappointed, always treat online magazines and model shots as guides to styling instead of a good fit. And if the seller offers a video of their product being worn, watch it to get a better view of how the garment appears, fits, and moves.

6. Invest in wardrobe essentials

Having a wardrobe with carefully selected garments will make getting dressed each day a lot easier. Here are fashion pieces you need to get.

● White button-down shirt

A white top offers plenty of outfit possibilities. You can pair it with a blazer, jeans, and ballet flats for a classic look. You can also wear it under a dress to make your get-up extra attractive.

● Solid colored T-shirt

Solid-colored tees are a wardrobe staple, too. They can serve as a great background for showing off your statement accessories. For instance, you can wear a navy blue or gray tee to make a red necklace more noticeable.

● Cashmere sweater

Cashmere sweaters look luxurious and elegant, which makes them a perfect addition to your wardrobe staples. The signature cashmere sweaters from the Boris clothing line, for instance, are good options, especially those with uneven vented hems. Pair them with a pleated skirt or jeans.

● Silk skirt

Silk is one fabric that adds instant luxury to your outfit, especially if there are floral and animal prints. Though it comes at a high price, you can wear it with just about everything for all occasions.

● Wrap dress

Wrap dresses are a wardrobe essential that fits any body type. Its waist tie helps define your waist while its v-neckline elongates your figure. Moreover, you can wear a wrap dress on all occasions. And if you want to cover your upper arms, you can buy wrap dresses with sleeves.

● Black or white pants

A pair of black or white pants must be among your wardrobe essentials because they never go out of style. You can easily pair it with any colored top and footwear.

● Blazer

Blazers are another versatile fashion piece. Buy one in a timeless pattern or color, and it will be a wardrobe staple you’ll want to wear for decades.

● Sneakers

Sneakers have become more fashionable. They are both comfortable and trendy. Buy a black, white or metallic pair as they go with many different outfits. Those with thick soles are practical options too because they’ll keep you warm during colder days.

● Ankle booties

Ankle booties are among the pieces of footwear that can be worn all year round. You can pair them with jeans, tights or a dress. Depending on your preference, you can buy heeled or flat and closed ones or peep-toes.

Buying wardrobe essentials has never been easier. With online shopping, you can get them whenever you want without even stepping out of your house. Use these tips to ensure that you get the pieces that best fit you and consider adding some or all the essential pieces in your closet.