Car Dashboard Toys – More Than Hula Girls

One of the fun things when it comes to owning a car is accessorizing it the way you like to express your style. In addition to the exterior style of your car, it is also important to pay attention to its interiors. Keeping your car interiors clean and organized is the best way to make your car look more attractive. Aside from that, you can also put decorative items in your car to make the ambiance inside livelier. When it comes to decorating a car’s interior, the dashboard is the common area where decorations are placed.

There are lots of car dashboard toys out there to choose from, but the most popular is the Dancing Hula Girl dashboard doll. This became very popular, and factories in Japan started to capitalize on the craze by producing them in bulk. This doll is made of plastic and features springs in her legs so that its hips wiggle as the car move. There are various versions and sizes of the hula girl dashboard doll. 

However, if you are tired of displaying the popular Hula Girl doll on your car’s dashboard, no worries, as there are many other options out there. If you are looking to decorate your dashboard with something fun and cute, another option is bobblehead toys. They are also available in many action figure models and are also easy to install. Read on to learn more about car dashboard toys more than hula girls. 

a hula girl dashboard doll

Things to Remember Before Displaying Car Dashboard Toys

Before you buy and display toys on your car dashboard, you first need to check the rules in your area. There are places where car accessories that can distract the driver are prohibited. These may include a hands-free smartphone, GPS, baseball-player bobblehead, or even a cup holder. In fact, even a new smart device for a car can create distractions if the user is not comfortable or familiar with how to use it. 

Therefore, before you display a toy on your car dashboard, make sure that you are choosing items that will not distract you from driving. In addition to distraction, some car accessories are also unsafe as they can block the line of sight. Remember that car manufacturers are doing their best to make sure that you can see your blind spots with a quick over-the-shoulder glance and have an unobstructed view in front of you. Therefore, avoid spoiling their work by putting distracting and view-blocking accessories on your dashboard. This will also prevent you from accidents. 

Best Characteristics of Car Dashboard Toys

Here are some of the best characteristics that you should look for when choosing a car dashboard toy:

  • Size: When choosing dashboard toys, it is essential to pick those that are simple and not too large. Always put into consideration the view of the driver when picking a car dashboard toy or accessory. 
  • Sticky: Since the toys are going to be placed on the dashboard of your car, the material should come with a very strong adhesive. Ensure that the toy will not fall easily with just a few bumps on the car. Pick one that will not bother you with having to stick it back onto the dashboard again and again. 
  • Colorful: Since the goal of dashboard toys is to add to the mood inside the car, choosing colorful ones is a good idea. They are just small accessories, but they can surely bring a positive spirit to the people riding in the car. Therefore, pick those that will make the atmosphere inside your vehicle more cheerful.
  • Durable: Durability is also an important factor to consider. Since cars run under various types of roads, smooth or gravel, it is essential to get a dashboard toy that is sturdy. The driver should not be bothered by these toys breaking up or falling. 

Best Car Dashboard Toys Other Than the Hula Girl Doll

If you are searching for more interesting car dashboard toys than hula girls, here are a few recommendations:

Emoji Car Dashboard Toy

There are emoji car dashboard toys that are available in different expressions and shake head functions. These can enhance the interior of your car. These are plastic toys but are very durable. They only weigh 200 grams and do not require any battery or solar power to run. You just have to stick them to your dashboard, and they will start to shake once you hit the road. They are also very affordable.


If your kids often ride with you in your car, then dolls are interesting dashboard toys that will keep them entertained. There are many different kinds of dolls that you can choose from to be used as a car dashboard accessory. There are some with moveable parts that will move with the movement of the car. The hula girl doll is a great example of this. 

Bobblehead Dogs

a dashboard toy dog

If you are an animal lover, specifically a dog lover, then some bobblehead dogs will be great on your car dashboard. Some of them even come in sets, making your dashboard look more fun and entertaining for your passengers. Some of these decorations are even made with porous bamboo charcoal, which can purify the air and adjust the humidity inside the car. Therefore, they are not just attractive but as well as beneficial for your health.

Flower Pots

Real flowers can bring happiness and cheerfulness to people. But flower dashboard toys can also serve the same purpose as they can bring a sense of joy inside the car. There are flower pots dashboard toys available in the market that are made up of ABS plastic. Real flowers need sunlight, and these toys need it too to keep on swaying. It is because they are solar-powered. These can surely make your car dashboard look more charming. 

Car Dashboard Creative Sets

If you feel like a single car dashboard toy is quite boring, then getting a set of toys can be great. There are creative sets of car dashboard toys available in the market, and they come in different designs and styles. For instance, there are sets of plants or balloons that move with the jolts of the car. They are very interesting and eye-catching. Most of them are made of resin and other high-quality but eco-friendly materials. 


Car dashboard toys are indeed great additions to the interior decoration of your vehicle. They will make it entertaining when you get stuck in traffic, and they can also keep children busy and distracted, especially during long drives. Just ensure that the car dashboard toys you will choose are small, simple, and will not distract the driver or block his view while driving. We hope this post helped you learn more about other car dashboard toys than hula girls.