Great Places to Buy Geeky Items

There are lots of online stores out there where you can purchase useful things and where you can find great gifts for yourself and your loved ones. However, there are times when we are looking for more unique and interesting things to add to our collection or to give to our friends. One of the challenging gifts to find are geeky items. If you are looking for stuff to give your geeky friends, then you need to raid through some geeky online stores. 

Geeky online stores can offer you with lots of interesting things, limited time collectibles, and many others that you can buy for yourself or gift to your genius friend. To help you out, here are some of the great places to buy geeky items that we can recommend.

1. Think Geek

One of the best go-to-place for geeks and people who love to show their love for everything from Star Wars and Marvel to the Legend of Zelda and Pokémon is It is the hub of everything geek and you can find here almost everything that open’s a geek’s eyes. The website lists different types of geeky home items, clothing, accessories, jewelry, gadgets, toys, and everything in between. 

Aside from that, you can also score some rare collectibles here that are only available for a limited time from franchises like DC Heroes, Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, and more. It is also a great site to purchase a nifty gift idea for your geeky friend or family member. 

2. Uncommon Goods

Another great place to buy geeky items is This website sells things that are uncommon based on its name. You can find here things like a DIY ukulele kit, a glass zipper bag, odd accessories like earrings and necklaces, a shower curtain with periodical table design, eraser rings, cheese making kits, mushroom kits, and many more that are beyond description. It is really fun to browse through the things on this site because you will find unusual but interesting things here. 

If you’re fond of geeky items or looking for a unique gift for your friend, you will definitely find lots of good things here.

3. This Is Why I’m Broke features hand-picked gift ideas for geeks from the geeky gift experts. Meaning, even if you’re not a gift and just looking for some gift ideas, you will be able to easily find here some of the coolest geeky products. Well, the whole website is not entirely for geeks but it has an awesome section for geeks. They offer here video game geek stuff and nostalgic geek things that can please even the most difficult, hardcore, and obscure geeks out there. 

You will be able to find on this website lots of little gadgets and toys that are inspired by movies and games. They list stuff from Doctor Who, Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek and many others that will definitely force you to take out your wallet. 

4. Dude I Want That is a website that offers a mixture of geek toys and seriously cool stuff that anyone would want. It lists products from different online retail stores, but they really have an interesting collection. They have a gift for geeks section where you can find geeky gifts like Predator Helmet or pyro fireball shooter. 

If you’re a geek who’s looking for some cool items or you’re searching for a gift for your geeky friend, then this website can help you with that. You can find hear things from zombie apocalypse survival kits to Tyrannosaurus Rex skull chilling stones. Though most of the things offered here are not cheap, but they all have great quality and look awesome as well. 

5. Oddity Mall is a web magazine that offers odd gadgets, unique gifts, and lots of geeky items. The website centers on strange product designs, latest brilliant inventions, and odd gadgets that pop up across the web. Some of the things they sell are very useful and some are completely useless. Well, it does not matter to them as long as it’s obscure, unusual, interesting, and awesome. 

Some of the odd geeky stuff you can find in this website are, an alien invasion flying saucer which is a hanging air plant holder, dinosaur-shaped office chairs, Darth Vader showerhead, and an Infinity Gauntlet meat tenderizer. The items they sell are definitely going to be loved by geeks. 

These are some of the great places where you can buy geeky items. We hope this list helps you in finding the best geeky items to add to your collection or to give to your geeky friends. If you’re looking for more gift items for your geeky friends, you can also check out our list of The Best T-Shirts for Tech Geeks for more options.