Hawaiian Decor for Nurseries

Decorating your child’s nursery can be very exciting but overwhelming as well. You are amid hormonal shifts, tending to other kids (if it’s the second baby), and looking after the house, so coming up with ideas to decorate the nursery is undoubtedly overwhelming. But don’t worry, because only the start can be a bit tricky and difficult as you need to have a specific theme in mind to go after. 

Once you have finalized the theme, you are good to go! If you are a beach lover and looking for ideas to decorate your baby’s nursery in a tropical theme, you are reading the right article. 

Following is a step-by-step guide to decorating your baby’s Hawaiian-inspired nursery. 



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Fitted Crib Sheet for Navy Blue and Lime Green Baby
Bedtime Originals Ocean Mist Fitted Crib Sheet
Green and White Palm Leaf Crib Sheet
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blue whale bank
Evlife Storage Basket Cube
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1. Look for Inspirations 

Your baby’s going to fall in love with the tropical theme around the nursery. Once you have finalized that, it is time to find inspiration. This is easily done on the internet and on a site that has become almost synonymous with inspiration, and that is Pinterest. 

It is the best place to start exploring tons of ideas about finding the right accent and hues for a Hawaiian nursery. You can look for wallpaper ideas that go along the lines of a tropical nursery and even pin pictures of crib sheets that go with the look you desire. 

2. Decide on the Color Scheme 

Decide on the Color Scheme 

If you think deciding on the color scheme is the same as deciding on a theme, you could not be more wrong. Even when you have decided to do a Hawaiian-themed nursery, you can still go for colors other than green. Bright green and yellow hues go perfectly with a Hawaiian theme and can light up your baby’s room.

You can consider putting up a bright-colored wallpaper on your wall as well, such as this one by the Spoonflower Store. It has bright pastel-colored tropical leaves printed all over it on a plain white background. The big botanical leaves on the wallpaper give a refreshing look that will calm your baby down. 

If you find the print too big or bright, you can even put it up only on the accent wall. You can then complete the nursery with contrasting colored wallpapers such as lemon yellow. This Brewster Jessamine Tulips Wallpaper can complement a bright green accent wallpaper very well.

Another best option is to go for leafy wallpapers but in completely different and light colors, such as this tropical pink Monstera Leaves Wallpaper. It might become gender-specific due to its pink color, but if you are up for it, then it might be the best alternative to a bright-colored Hawaiian-themed wallpaper. 

3. Crib and Crib Sheets 

Crib and Crib Sheets 

The most important item in the nursery that your baby is going to be using a lot is the crib. While a lot of families choose to revamp an old crib, most parents enthusiastically go finding new furniture for the nursery. For a Hawaiian-themed nursery, it is best to get a crib in white or pastel yellow finishing. However, it depends on the color scheme you have decided on already. If you have chosen to go with a white background wallpaper, you should match the crib. 

If, on the other hand, you have opted for a light yellow theme for the nursery, then get the crib in that color. Crib sheets should be chosen according to the wallpaper and the color scheme. They complement the wallpapers and can lighten up the room. 

There are several great options for crib sheets out there. You can go for a plain horizontal striped print if you need to tone down the brightness of your wallpaper. Stripes go well with wallpapers having big designs. This navy blue and lime green bedding set for babies is a great choice. It is machine-washable and has secure elastic corners. 

Another best option for lighter color schemes is this Bedtime Originals Ocean Mist crib sheet. It is made of soft microfiber and has aquatic animals printed all over in light hues. The babies love staring at the animated drawings, and this crib sheet can become their favorite. 

Lastly, the best option for a Hawaiian-themed nursery is this Green and White Palm Leaf Crib Sheet. It is 100% polyester microfiber and has a captivating print. This crib sheet can complement any light-colored wallpaper. 

4. Decide on a Focal Point 

Decide on a Focal Point 

When you imagine your child’s room, which wall or furniture do you think is the focal point? This is very important when decorating nurseries as the focal point of the room is the one that usually draws the most attention – which is why it should be reflecting the theme. 

You can get a House Flag and put it up as a classic ornament on the accent wall. This Classic Pineapple House Flag by Ornament Collection is an ideal choice for the accent wall. It has a beautiful pineapple printed on it that will complement your accent wall reflecting a tropical theme. 

5. Whale Bank 

Whale Bank

This beautiful blue whale bank looks elegant sitting on top of the changing table. It is a great way for kids to relate to all the tropical things. The blue whale in the backdrop of a bright yellow wallpaper would brighten up your baby’s room. 

6. Storage Options 

storage option

While you can match the color of the baby cupboard with the crib, you can also grab tropical-themed wallpapers and adorn the cupboard to match the theme. Another essential item for a nursery is portable storage options, such as storage bins. These come in handy for a couple of reasons, such as stuffed toys, dirty clothes, or making a portable changing station with a handful of diapers, rash cream, clothes, and wet wipes. 

Evlife Storage Basket Cube is an excellent option for trying any of the above ideas. It is collapsible for better storage and spacious enough to hold several items, such as toys, clothes, or laundry. With little kids around, there is not enough time on your watch to tidy up things. This cube basket is an efficient way to clear out things that are out of place and sort them later. 

Another great option is to go for this Sweet Jojo Designs Floral Leaf basket, which would add a refreshing look to your room. It has a flip cover and can easily be collapsed to be stored anywhere. 

7. Wall Decoration 

Wall Decoration

Another practical option for a Hawaiian-themed nursery is to get tropical framed prints or paintings to adorn the nursery wall. It is a great option for people who do want to get wallpaper for the whole room. Instead of overwhelming the nursery with leafy prints, you can get the following:

8. Botanical Framed Walnut Finish Picture Frame

This 4-panel collage set is beautiful and elegant. It has tropical leaves printed on it against a plain white background that gives a soothing feeling. You can put the frame on the accent wall and let it be the room’s focal point. 

9. Tropical Leaves Framed Canvas Art


This artistic piece elegantly decorates a plain yellow or fawn wallpaper. It has big leaves printed on it in a bunch with a display of about 18×24 inches. It would enhance the appeal of your baby’s room and is sure to suit the tropical theme of the nursery. 


Nursery is the room that your child will be spending most of their time in. This should be a place where the décor is soothing and relaxing. Anything out of place or too gaudy is going to have an impact on the aura of the room. Moreover, a relaxing theme with small cute prints around will help the kid to be calm.