How to Beat Your Smartphone Addiction

You may not realize how often you use your smartphone until you use an app to monitor your usage. Most people’s usage are very high. Some even realize that their usage is too high, but they find it difficult to reduce it because they are already addicted to their smartphones. Maybe you are exactly like that too and you’re seeking for ways to beat your smartphone addiction. If that’s the case, then we’ve got you covered because we’ll show you how to beat smartphone addiction. experts crafted this list to help you:

1. Realize That There’s A Time And A Place for Your Smartphone

Carrying your phone everywhere is the first factor that make you become a smartphone addict. You must realize that you shouldn’t use your smartphone everywhere. You don’t have to be in a desert without cell service before you put your phone aside. You just have to discipline yourself to put it away at times. For instance, don’t take your smartphone with you to job interviews or meetings.

2. Place Some Restrictions on Your Usage

Many smartphone users around the world can’t keep their eyes away from the screen anymore. In North America for instance, there is a continuous desire to be plugged in throughout the day. It’s good that smartphone companies are beginning to take steps to fight the problem. However, their effort alone can’t put an end to the rising level of smartphone addiction. Presently, smartphone companies give users the permission to reduce their own usage with Screen Time and few other programs.

These programs won’t become effective unless users deliberately decide to limit their own usage. It’s just like locking up drugs in a cabinet and giving the key to drug addicts. To beat your smartphone addiction, you must restrict your usage intentionally. Tell a friend that you trust to change your email and social media passwords for some time. Install website blocker application to stop yourself from visiting distracting websites.

3. Use Your Smartphone Only for Communication

Gone are the days when phones were just for communication. Now, they are cameras, fitness trackers, thermometers, GPS, gaming consoles, and so on. People rely on their smartphones for everything and that’s why addiction sets in. It’s high time that you said goodbye to addiction. To set yourself free from addiction, limit the use of your smartphone to communication only. If usage restriction doesn’t work well for you, this will do.

4. Time for Some Smartphone Rehab

In a country like France, it’s the people who control technology, but in North America, technology controls the people. The reason why these two places witness different conditions is attributed to the laws that limit the use of phones.

Recently in France, lawmakers placed a ban on smartphones in schools. Still in France, there’s a law that forbids drivers from using their phones even when they pull over. Gradually, smartphone addicts will be able to beat addiction when every country limits the way people use their smartphones on roads, offices, schools and in several other places.


Smartphone addiction can affect your daily life activities in negative ways. The only way to stop the negative effects of smartphone addiction is by beating the addiction. The things that we mentioned above teach you how to do so.