How to Decorate a Hawaiian Style Home

Hawaii, the 43rd state of the US, is home to colorful, diverse culture and way of living. The surrounding seas and vast sands give it a surreal look. You will find a hint of that aloha feel in everything. Hawaii may be an American state, but the drastic cultural difference is mind-blowing. 

Consisting of five counties and eight major islands, Hawaii prides itself as one of the most visited tourist destinations. The reasons are obvious – from the pleasant tropical climate to the luxurious beaches, Hawaii has it all. 

One particular thing about Hawaii is the way they build their settlements and how they decorate them. The design of a Hawaiian house is created to get an amazing view from every corner of the house. An abundance of lush green grass and palm trees outside the house completes the look. 

A Hawaiian-style house brings out the beauty from the outside and incorporates it into its interior. But apart from the natural beauty and great architecture, how can you decorate your house to get that aloha factor? Let’s take a look at the ideas that you can apply to your home to get that maximum Hawaiian beauty:

1. Decide the Theme You Want

Assuming that you have visited Hawaii many times, you must have noticed that the state is not only sand and sea. The islands of Hawaii offer an entirely different experience to everyone. Since the Hawaiian-style homes so inspire you, why don’t you envision the beauty of Hawaii and use that to decorate your home?

Stand in the middle of a room and imagine the kind of vibes it gives you. Is it the typical feeling of warm sand under your feet with the sun on your head? If that’s how you feel, then all the shades of yellow and orange are yours to play with. Paint your walls with lighter shades of yellow and add patterns of orange and red for the oomph. You can also add palm leaf patterns in green over yellow to give it a complete beach look.

For an ocean-inspired theme, hues of blue and white will do the trick for your walls. Add patterns of seashells or waves if you want a funkier look. Additionally, you can add antique-style mirrors to the walls to give it a reflective look.

We won’t be surprised if you love the lush greenery of the island of Maui. As said earlier, Hawaii is more than seas and sand. To give your home a feel of trekking through the forest, bring out your green palettes and start working on your walls. Choose suitable shades of green because you don’t want to end up with that algae-kind of look. Don’t go overboard with this color, be subtle as much as you can while adding a few flowers in red and orange here and there. 

Once you are done painting the walls, search for some wood-inspired wall hangings. It could be anything wooden that feels right to you, like frames, abstract art, etc.

2. Start Adding Elements to Your House

Start Adding Elements to Your House 

Now that you are over with choosing the general theme for your house, it is time to add decorative elements. If you followed the guideline of choosing color schemes from the above section, you might also want to give every room its unique theme. It is not necessary to select a single theme for the whole house. You just have to go with your instincts and do whatever feels right to you.

While finishing up your room, start by adding small things. You cannot expect to get an overnight change in your house’s overall look. Start slow and small, buy items as you wander in the local market. Following are a few ideas you can follow:

  • Blankets and Pillows

Blankets and Pillows

Hawaiian style is easy to follow due to the simple fact that it takes almost all its elements from nature. Get yourself some cushion and pillow covers with palm leaves and trees printed on them. You can also buy floral bedsheets and quilts with pineapples to complete the summer look. Keep in mind, the theme you have chosen for the room before decorating. The room with a warm hue can conveniently be paired with a pineapple theme.

Moreover, you can also invest in traditional textiles that craftsmen make from Hawaii. Tapestries and macramé with Hawaiian symmetrical patterns can really brighten the walls. 

  • Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

If you are looking for a minimalistic look without many things on the ground, wall hangings are just the right kind of décor for you. There are a million ways you can decorate your walls with. Hawaiian culture is full of exciting symbolism and designs that hold significance to their roots. 

Tiki statue shop2,Hawaii

Tikis are one such example of this. They may seem scary, but tikis made of wood will bring that Hawaii experience to your room. Additionally, you can also look for traditional art created by Hawaiian artists. They may be abstract wall paintings of other pieces of art made of wood and other material.

  • Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Minimal décor is the new trend these days when it comes to furnishing a house. People usually opt for plastic or metallic furniture for living rooms and even bedrooms. To get the best possible Hawaiian style, we recommend that you get your furniture made of natural wood. Bamboo and reeds make great-looking chairs and sofas. You can even get a bed made out of such wood. Not only would it complete your home’s Hawaiian look, but it would also prove to be budget-friendly. Fix them up with the pillows you got earlier, and you are good to go.

  • Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Bringing out the natural elements is the most important factor in getting the perfect Hawaiian style. The best way to apply this factor to your homes is by adding indoor plants. You can get a variety of low-maintenance plants to fill up the corners of your rooms. Get vases and flower pots with intricate patterns for your tabletops and put fresh flowers in them every day. You will soon feel such a soothing fragrance surrounding you that you might even stop using air fresheners.

  • Windows


Your house can’t be perfectly Hawaiian if it isn’t bright and airy enough. Keep your curtains open during the day to get maximum sunlight in. You might want to invest in getting extra-large windows, especially in your living room. The natural breeze and light you will receive every day can do wonders for anyone’s general mood. You can get neutral color blinds for places like your bedroom for your privacy concerns. 

Also, it would be best to hang the drapes outside the window frame to get the illusion of taller walls and windows. 

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  • Cutlery and Pineapples

Cutlery and Pineapples

This combination might sound weird, but a dining table set with traditional Hawaiian-style crockery and decorative pineapples would look nothing but impressive to everyone. Believe it or not, pineapple is a whole theme that could be applied. You can get bamboo-shaped cutlery paired with matching plates and be ready to receive compliments from everyone around you. 


We get inspired by a lot of things in our life. Every place we travel to and all the people we meet inspires us differently. Although it is not possible to add all that inspiration to our lives, we can surely add our never-ending love for Hawaii to our homes. It all starts with simple admiration for the vibrant culture of Hawaii. Once you are ready to accept that, all that is left is to work around your house and enjoy that Hawaiian feeling from the comfort of your home.