Make Beautiful Wedding Invitation Video Online With This Simple Invitation Maker

In this digital era, an invite for any occasion can be digital: an online card or a video invite. An online video gives an opportunity to the individuals to explore their creative side whether they want traditional roses or water bottle rockets because that is how the couple met. The video wedding invitation also helps to bring in more people to celebrate the special day. A unique video invitation for the wedding would surely create an attraction amongst the guests.

Currently, there is a rising trend of wedding invitation videos, as people prefer paperless invitations owing to environmental concerns. In addition, wedding invitation videos can be easily sent through social media, and you don’t need to send it across through post or meet the person physically, which saves a huge amount of time and energy. An online video would help save the wastage of paper for printing the invitation cards as well. 

The internet has become a boom owing to ample information available on it. Searching for vendors, searching for inspiration for a unique idea for the video, and even conveying or communicating the message to the guests has become faster with the use of the internet. Thus, an online wedding invitation video is a new trend that is being preferred and accepted by young couples.

Is making a wedding invitation video online a good idea?

An online wedding invitation is a great and creative idea. The online invitation gives a personal touch to the invite. There are many other advantages of an online wedding invitation video, a few of them are as follows:

  • Helps to create a guest list as this type of invitation gives an option of accepting the wedding invite.
  • An eco-friendly option.
  • Saves a lot of money on physically printing.

There is a cost of designing and conceptualizing a video invitation, but compared to the expense of printing an invitation card, it is less. There are many online companies who are engaged in providing these services, few of them are – InVideo, Animoto, FlexClip, LightMV, See My Marriage, Animaker, and many others. In addition, there are some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) options available, where you can sign up on the website, select the photos, themes, and style, and make a video of the invite. These online invitation makers are easy to use and allow you to make a creative and impressive video. 

Tips to make a beautiful wedding invitation video online:

  • Search for templates available on the websites that match the theme you plan for the wedding. These themes can reflect the fun that you plan to have at the wedding.
  • Decide on the colour scheme. Once the venue and decorations are finalized, you can plan the colour scheme of the invite based on the decorations that you have finalized for the wedding. Thus, this would give an additional creative touch to the video invite. 
  • Prefer high-quality fonts as they evoke different emotions. The fonts should be readable and appealing. You can also make use of ampersands as they give a classic touch to the invite.
  • Don’t add too many elements to the invite as it may look crowded. As an overcrowded wedding invite can confuse the guests, and the main message would be lost in those additional elements.
  • Alignment of the text is important; centre alignment is preferred for an invite. In addition, all the necessary information should follow one after the other.
  • In online wedding invitations, you can also add a map of the location which would help the guests to reach the destination without any confusion and hustle.
  • Details should be given while making the video as it should notify the message at the end that you intend to convey.
  • Consistency should be maintained through-out the invite; while finalizing the video, you should always recheck that the colour scheme and template is the same through-out.
  • Also, you can include an RSVP note to the invite, which would allow the guests to reply with a ‘Yes’ and automatically it can create an online guest list. This online guest list would help to plan the accommodation and catering for the event.
  • Always add complete information of the event, add the date, time, and venue to the invite.

Thus, an online wedding invitation video maker allows individuals to create videos with different templates. These websites also offer a professional interface. To help you create a beautiful wedding invitation video online, there are various templates and references available on youtube movie maker. You can refer to youtube as well for making an online video.

Considering the recent trend of digitization globally and great solutions built by the experts, the wedding sector is also not away from incorporating the online facilities for planning various tasks that are required for this special event. People can make the bookings of the venue, book decorator and caterer, decide on the theme for the wedding online, and also make the wedding invite online using various online wedding video tools.