Most Impressive Laser Lights at Public Attractions

There are lots of beautiful attractions to see in many parts of the world. Among the most enjoyable ones is watching laser light shows. Most of these shows are accompanied by wonderful music and sounds, while some even feature dancing water fountains. It is indeed entertaining to watch colorful lights dancing to the music. Therefore, when you travel to different places, try to see if there are any light shows that you can catch.

If you are planning to visit some places in the hope of experiencing a laser light show, we are here to help you. In this post, we are giving you a list of the most impressive laser lights at public attractions. 

1. Vivid Sydney

If you are visiting Australia soon, one of the best laser-light shows that you must see is Vivid Sydney. This show is held for around 25 days from May to June annually. The city, its buildings, and harbor are lit up by various creative lighting and art installations, combined together to make the largest outdoor gallery worldwide. It features some of the most impressive light displays and shows that you are likely to see.

In addition to the lights, this show also focuses on music and ideas where a wide-ranging series of live performances and revolutionary musical collaborations are hosted together with a state-of-the-art program of presentations to celebrate community and creativity. 

2. Berlin Festival of Lights

The Berlin Festival of Lights at the Berlin Cathedral

One of the best light shows that you can see in the world is the Berlin Festival of Lights. It is among the biggest light shows in Europe and becoming one of the largest in the world. This event has been running since 2005. It is held over the course of ten days every October. Popular buildings are lit up with video mapping, light projections, and 3D imagery. Some of the monuments and buildings that are usually part of the show are the Fernsehturm, Berlin Cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Victory Column, the Reichstag, and Tempelhof Airport. 

The Berlin Festival of Lights takes place every night from 7pm until around midnight. In addition to the light show, there are also exhibitions by local artists from Berlin and around Germany, including live music performances. You can also enjoy lots of traditional German street foods as you watch the light show.

3. Laser Light Shows in Singapore

a laser lights show at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

There are three types of light shows that you can enjoy in Singapore. These are the OCBC Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay, Crane Dance at Sentosa, and Wonder Full at Marina Bay Sands. 

The laser light show at Marina Bay Sands is the one that stands out the most. It features a beautiful convergence of light, sound, and music that combines both laser effects and electric lights, which is indeed captivating. The roof of the Marina Bay Sands has colorful dancing lights that are reflected on the water. It lasts for 15 minutes and is held by the waterfront. The show is very popular among locals and tourists. As you watch, you can also admire the stunning cityscape of Singapore lit up in the background. 

At the Gardens by the Bay, you can enjoy watching a dazzling display of multi-colored lights that dance to the sound of original compositions. It makes the man-made trees across the city shine bright, making it a great entertainment show for your whole family. 

4. Peru’s Magic Water Circuit

When you visit Peru, you can watch a light show called Circuito Magico del Agua or The Magic Water Circuit. It is located in the Parque de La Reserva in downtown Lima. The show features 13 illuminated fountains that are spread across a 19-acre park. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Lima. You can visit the park after dawn, as that is when the fountains begin to light up and the light shows happen every hour. You can also stroll around the park as you admire the fountains and get wet by running through a magic water tunnel. There is also a maze there where you can have lots of fun. 

Another thing that you can watch in Lima is the Fuente de la Fantasia. It is a 120-meter-long laser and water fountain show accompanied by lovely Peruvian music. It is a 15-minute show that is indeed colorful. 

5. Florida’s Laser Light Shows

You can take a break from the Florida sunshine and enjoy the dark side through rock music and laser light shows. There are various places in Florida where you can enjoy laser light shows. One of them is in South Florida Museum, in the Bishop Planetarium. You can rock out to 25,000 watts of surround sound as you watch the entertaining lights dance to the tines from famous rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Doors, and Pink Floyd.

Another place where you can watch a laser light show is at the Museum of Discovery and Science. At the AutoNation IMAX Theater, laser graphics are fused with a 15,000-watt, 42-speaker digital sound system. It offers 30 to 45 minutes of lights and sounds on a big screen. The show features music by The Beatles and other classic vinyl artists.

The Museum of Arts and Sciences also has Laser Rock Concerts, which feature a wide variety of music, from retro to techno to pop-rock, in its high-tech laser shows. Weekly shows feature the 70s and 80s artists Pink Floyd and Metallica.

6. Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision® – Atlanta, Georgia

This is one of the traditions in Atlanta that will surely wow your whole family. It features advanced digital graphics and effects. It has lights, iconic music, lasers, fireworks, and fire effects. The laser show happens every Saturday from April 16 to May 21, daily from May 27 to July 31, and every Saturday from August 6 to September 10. The show lasts for about 45 minutes. It is a great way to spend the night when you visit Atlanta.

These are some of the best laser lights at public attractions. Other than the ones on this list, there are much more light shows around the world that you can discover. It is truly a fun activity to watch laser light shows and a great way to end your day. As technology improves, there will surely be more shows like these in the future.