Online casinos in the area of tension between advertising barriers and the granting of licenses

Online casinos in the area of tension between advertising barriers and the granting of licenses
Online casinos are now legal in most countries. At least, that is how it should be according to the State Treaty on Gambling in 2021. But for this, the providers would need a licence. Despite applications, this has not yet been granted. Moreover, the term “casino” is no longer welcome online offers. Get your free bonuses by creating yoju log in account.

For this reason, the relevant gambling sites usually simply refer to slot machines as “slots”. And there is no longer talk of online casinos but internet gaming arcades. The difference lies in the absence of table games. However, these could soon return in a roundabout way via state legislation. However, it has not yet been conclusively clarified where roulette, blackjack and co. will find their home in the future.

The main problem is that casino providers should be legal before the law. However, there is a catch – the licensing. Because without a licence, it is prohibited to offer online slot machine games for sale. But in this case, the providers are not the problem. They have often submitted their applications as early as possible.

Currently, the providers are simply waiting for a favourable decision. Incidentally, this results in a dilemma of its own. Because from a purely legal point of view, it is currently not possible for the companies to advertise.

This is why advertising for online gambling is essential

Some readers will have frowned at this statement. But there is no reason to get into a rage. Advertising interrupts the TV programme and is not welcome for that reason alone. Advertising for online casinos has had a bad reputation so far for several reasons, also because the providers in Germany had been operating in the grey area at best. But also because some advertising formats were quite annoying. But they were memorable. And that was what mattered.

This brings us to an important point, however. Because now the wheel is suddenly turning the other way around. Only those who have a valid licence are allowed to advertise on television. But the online casinos do not yet have such a licence in their pockets. Consequently, the law does not allow them to run spots.

And thus, in principle, the state is not fulfilling its mandate of channelling either. Without advertising for legal offers, the gamblers do their research. Whether they then find a proposal to receive a licence in New Zealand in the future is more or less left to chance. However, if a clip can be seen on television, the internet gambling house has been awarded the New Zealand state. Consequently, the future player will be directed there. That is how it should be.