What is the History of the Word Geek?

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The word “geek” is a slang term that is originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people, just like the word “nerd.” But at the present time, the word usually implies an expert on enthusiast that is obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit. Before, geeks had a generally derogatory meaning of … Read more

What Do Geeks and Nerds Wear?

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These days, when a person is called a nerd or a geek, it’s no longer a negative description. It’s because nerds and geeks today are those who are into video games, comic books, anime, and other things that are quite cool. In most movies, nerds and geeks are always depicted as geniuses … Read more

What is the History of the Word Nerd?

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In the last few years, the word “nerd” has changed a lot. It has grown from a disparaging term that meant to skewer unhip or out-of-touch people to a more value-neutral or sometimes even positive signifier of a specific type of media consumer. In fact, today, many people are enjoying things that … Read more

Who Were the Biggest Movie Nerds and Geeks of All Time?

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Years ago, it’s quite difficult to be a nerd or a geek as a lot of people shunned them just because they were nerds. But today, nerd culture has made its way deep into mainstream culture. With this, it’s no longer challenging to be a nerd or a geek anymore. In fact, … Read more

Themed Decor Ideas for a Kid’s Room

Plush toy in bed. 

What did your room look like when you were younger? Did it have a specific theme? Or were you stuck in a dull box in a world full of imagination? A kid’s room is more than just a bunch of random items allocated in one space. It needs a touch to trigger … Read more

Hawaiian Décor Crafting Ideas for Kids

tropical plant monstera leaves

Imagine yourself amidst tropical surroundings in cold and chilly days. Soothing! The great news is that; you can now create such environment at your home by giving it a tropical touch through décor. If you are someone who admires beauty of the island, beach and nature, then Hawaiian home décor is a … Read more

Incorporating Traditional Hawaiian Decor In a Modern Home


Earlier people used to swoon over immaculately decorated and furnished homes in magazines. However, these days the temptation is hard to resist when you see people with beautifully decorated homes not only on magazines, television and social media, but in reality as well! Moreover, the on-going Covid pandemic and the need to … Read more

Must-Haves for a Hawaiian Themed Party

Hawaiian-themed parties or lūʻaus are among the most common themes of parties. Lūʻau is one of the most exciting parties to host – be it a birthday party, a kid’s party, a beach party, or just a nice get-together with friends. In addition to that, some people enjoy lūʻaus in the winter … Read more

Hawaiian Decor Ideas For a Teenager’s Bedroom

bedroom decor, hawaii, teenager

A bedroom is a comfort zone for everyone, a place where we can relax, sleep, chill and be comfortable in general. Especially when it comes to teenagers, they are very emotionally attached to their en-suite. It is more than just a place to sleep and relax for them. A teenage bedroom is … Read more

How Often Do You Have To Change Your Car Oil?

a car’s engine

Every single person who owns a car wishes to take good care of it and provide better maintenance. It is a fact that you need to change your car oil after a certain acceptable duration to ensure its safe and smooth run. But this is where a lot of questions arise.  How … Read more