Reasons You Are a Light Sleeper

Most light sleepers are not able to sleep through the night without stirring. Any person who falls under this category is signaled by the body about an underlying condition or a certain habit that could be causing you to be a light sleeper. Having to turn and toss or wake up easily every night is not healthy for your sleep and overall well-being. If this is constantly an issue in your sleep routine, it is time to consult a specialist to figure out what the cause could be and how to complete your sleep cycle. Individuals who are light sleepers are woken from sleep with noises and movements no matter how minimal. This leads to not completing the four phases of sleep which leads to poor sleep quality. Below are some reasons why you could be a light sleeper.

Constant anxiety

Individuals with constant anxiety have a difficult time falling asleep or waking up easily from sleep. Having constant fear and worries lead to creating anxiety and it leads to the brain being in light sleep mode for long. Anxiety keeps the brain active making it hard to have deep sleep. Therefore, it is important to seek ways to combat the issue or find ways to calm your mind to sleep. Try meditation and other relaxing techniques such as deep breathing to reduce anxiety and improve your sleep quality.

Too much caffeine

Consuming too much caffeine is a great enemy to sleep. Several light sleepers are not able to sleep through the night due to excessive day time intake of caffeine products or if they had coffee hours before bedtime. This disrupts your sleep cycle and causes your body internal clock to go out of the pattern it was used to. Hence, you getting the necessary sleep quality required and avoid the vulnerability of waking up with ease at tiny movements and disturbances. Control the intake of caffeine products and limit taking them early in the morning rather than in the evening hours. Opt for water and other hydrating beverages during the day to clear your system off the caffeine and have deep sleep with a complete cycle.

You have hyperthyroidism

An overactive thyroid can keep you from falling to sleep with ease or give you satisfying sleep. This condition is common among many light sleepers. However, few are aware of it. This health issue affects sleep at night. The thyroid is responsible for most fundamental functions and when it is overactive it over stimulates the nervous system, then the heart rate increases and you start feeling over-anxious. As a result, your sleep pattern is disrupted and you start experiencing light sleep more frequently. It is not easy to know when you have hyperthyroidism and when you start experiencing light sleep consult a sleep specialist to diagnose this health concern.

Unhealthy bed routine

Immediately, you notice that you are awakening often at night due to slight movements. This is a sign that you are having very light sleep. Hence you must check how your bedtime routine is. Poor bed routine could be a reason that you are having light sleep. It is therefore important to check what you could be doing wrong to trigger light sleep. A common unhealthy sleep ritual that has affected many people is having electronic devices on their bed. This has a lot in stimulating your mind to remain awake for it decreases the release of melatonin hormone that is sleep-inducing. This makes it difficult to fall asleep. Whereas you become more prone to getting light sleep.

Extremely warm bed

It is important as you make your bed and start adding beddings to your mattress firm that it is not too cozy that it interferes with your sleep. The temperature of your whole room when it is too high it impacts the quality of sleep that you will get. In the same token, sleep happens when the body temperature drops. Therefore, with too many beddings or having a very warm room it becomes a challenge to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Cool your room down before you sleep to around 65 degrees to boost your sleep quality. You can also opt to dress lightly if you have a lot of beddings. If you’re looking for a new mattress, check out Chiropedic for a great single mattress.