Kidami Jump Rocket Launcher Toy with Adjustable Air Powered Rocket Launch Pad and 4 Rockets Kit, Outdoor Toys Air Rockets for Kids


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KIDAMI-Kid's Best Friend, Gives Your Kids Endless Fun!

Come On, Let's Explore the Kidami Jump Rocket Set Now!

As you can see, when you open the box, the first challenge the kids or parents must deal with is-how to assemble this jump rocket set? Here I will give you some tips.

Tip 1: I think both the kids and the parents would more willing to explore it by yourself at first, after that you still can have a look at other tips to check it;

Tip 2: You can refer to the detailed illustrations on the box;

Tip 3: You can complete the assembly according to the product pictures' explanation;

Tip 4: If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service, we would try our best to solve it.

Adjust the Angle of the Launch Pad and Aim at Your Shooting Target

The adjustable launch pad and 4 plastic rockets with foam-tipped bring more fun to the energetic kids. Ok, the assembled jump rocket is here, so begin to work with your parents or partners! Choose your shooting target first and adjust to the right angle (up to 60 degree), start to run, jump on the air pump, watch it blast off. Good job! It is a great educational toy for both boys and girls, kids would have learning fun (such as science knowledge), exercise fun (run, jump...) and communication fun.

Kidami Jump Rocket-A Family Entertainment Toy

Run, jump and blast-off! Wow, the whole family could enjoy playing with jump rocket toy. Assemble the four parts of the pad, connect it to the air pump by a hose (you can use the equipped wire to tie the interface), put a rocket into the launch tube, adjust a perfect angle, jump on the pump and see it explode upwards! Both kids and parents can play in turn or maybe have a competition, discuss with each other and parents can teach kids easier. Having outdoor play, breathing fresh air, learning and exercising, enjoying a wonderful family day!

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