Savannah Cat Breed, The Serval Cat of The Home

Just the name demands an exotic thought. “Savannah” is the name of the cat breed that looks very similar to a cheetah, but much smaller. Approved for championship status back in 2012, they are bred and kept as home pets by many people, with a few specific things in mind. Unlike typical cats that meow, these guys also have additional sounds such as high-pitched chirping noises and purring sounds together.

It is one of the few that needs a lot of exercises and is highly active, you can give it a toy to play with for hours and it won’t get tired, neither will it hate spinning on a cat wheel if ever asked, one can take it for walks with a leash and it will enjoy it.

A kitten, they need to be exposed to various socializing events. They are playful, passionate, loving, and good around people. Also known to be very intelligent when paired with similar cats they can make for perfect companions. Although these are not lap-cats but rather will sit next to you on the couch or the bed and be fine with being petted. These cats are very famous amongst celebrities and can cost up to $16,000. Read more about this fascinating fact on this link.

Their Coat – Their Unique Feature

This is one of the things that is unique about them, their coats. They look like an African serval cat with similar markings and stripes adorned on their coat as if painted by a brush And their short, dense hair makes this a very visible feature seen from miles away. Mostly mad of golden hues with dark brown or black spots.

Spotted coats are the common patterns on them and consist of dark, solid spots that start at their head and goal the way down to their torso and tail. It can also have stripes that go from its back to its tail. Besides this, the rest of the cat looks like your typical domestic breed.

Serval Cat

Caring for Them

Keeping them indoors is advisable for obvious reasons such as catching a disease or getting their coats dirty, sometimes dogs can also attack them if not careful. But because they are so very active, one solution to not taking them outdoor and letting them wander into fields is by getting them a cat wheel. It will keep them happy, occupied, and healthy.

This device will allow them to run as fast as they want to and in a controlled environment and can carry all 25 pounds of its weight. Another trait about them is that they are filled with curiosity, so keeping things away from them is recommended, around the house, such as open cables and sockets. Anything that they can chew, they will.

They are also good climbers so keep any delicate vases and decorations away from places they can climb and access them or soon they will be on the floor in a thousand pieces. Although if they do like chewing on things, one needs to keep things like rubber bands, string, plastic bags, or small plastic objects far away from them. If it is smaller than their head, keep it locked and out of reach.

What They Eat Is Important

Like the typical household cat, their diets are the same as well. give them healthy food and supplement them occasionally to keep them free from any pesky cat diseases and health problems. This needs to be said to may pet owners but keep your pets away from cheap pet foods. They are filled with an insane amount of fillers such as carbohydrates, and artificial ingredients and colorants. These cheap alternatives never can provide the right kind of, or amount of nutrients for our pets so steer clear of them

Instead, go for foods that are closest to nature as possible. Things such as salmon, oily fishes, are good. Keep it balanced with both dry and wet foods. And always opt for wet foods in cans and keep water in a separate bowl. From when they are kittens, they grow at a fast rate, and to make sure they healthily do this gives them an array of vitamins, taurine, and proteins that are good for them.

All in all, these are friendly cats to have around kids as well.