Guide to Miami Vice Women’s Fashion

Key stars of the show, Miami Vice.

Let’s have a throwback to the 80s, a decade of glamor and bold dressing. Women fashion revolutionized in the 80s and much change was there due to the Miami Vice fashion introduced for both men and women. Different models and celebrities were promoting it which is why it is still considered as … Read more

Ultimate Guide to 80s Fashion

Joan Collins, a famous star that was a key influencer of the 80s fashion.

The decade of 80s was known for bold style and colors. Women had heaping amounts of permed hair to add more to the glamorous look. Conservative dressing reduced and ripped tights, open shoulders, and biker jackets became a major fashion icon. Famous celebrities of the era include Joan Collins and Joan Jett … Read more

Guide to Miami Vice Style

Miami Vice

Miami Vice is an American television crime drama series, and its terms of fashion, it is by far the most influential piece of media to ever come out of the great city. It starred Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas as Ricardo Tubbs. They were two detectives in the … Read more