Must See Places in Miami

the Miami skyline

Miami is among the premier vacation destinations in South Florida. It features a lot of beaches, great weather, history, entertainment, sports, and culture. It has also been popularized by the classic television series Miami Vice. Downtown Miami is a modern metropolis and cultural gem. Visiting Miami is more than just visiting one … Read more

The Fascinating History of Miami Vice

Miami Vice is an iconic TV series that completely changed the state of fashion in the 80s. From the pastel-colored shirts and sleek gray or white blazers, people in the United States copied what the main characters of Miami Vice were wearing as it was a general notion back then that their … Read more

Guide to Miami Vice Style

Miami Vice

Miami Vice is an American television crime drama series, and its terms of fashion, it is by far the most influential piece of media to ever come out of the great city. It starred Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas as Ricardo Tubbs. They were two detectives in the … Read more