The Best of Disco Era Fashion: What You Need to Know

When you think about the best of disco-era fashion, you can’t ignore the vibrant mix of shimmering sequins, bold colors, and statement silhouettes that defined the late ’70s. Imagine yourself in a dazzling mini-dress or a sleek jumpsuit, paired with iconic platform shoes and glittering statement jewelry.

Men also embraced the era’s style, sporting flared pants and glittery suits that turned heads on the dance floor.

But disco fashion wasn’t just about the clothes—essential accessories, prominent hairstyles, and dramatic makeup trends played pivotal roles. What truly made disco fashion unforgettable? Let’s delve deeper.

Iconic Disco Outfits

Iconic disco outfits epitomized the vibrant, expressive energy of the era, characterized by shimmering sequins, bold colors, and statement silhouettes. Disco fashion was about making a bold statement, embraced by both men and women.

For women, mini-dresses and jumpsuits in vivid hues were staples, often adorned with sequins that sparkled under the dance floor lights. These outfits were typically paired with platform boots, adding height and drama.

Men also embraced the vibrant fashion trends with flared pants and glittery suits. Bell-bottom pants were essential, creating a dramatic flair that synchronized with the music. Flashy tops, patterned head wraps, and chunky jewelry added extra panache.

Disco fashion was all about self-expression, breaking away from the conservative styles of the past. Through bold patterns, vibrant colors, and iconic platform boots, everyone on the dance floor radiated confidence and style.

The disco era transformed fashion, making it more daring and expressive.

Popular Fabrics and Textures

Disco fashion thrived on fabrics and textures that shimmered and shone, capturing the era’s vibrant energy and love for the dance floor. Polyester and spandex dominated the scene, offering both comfort and the ideal fit for showcasing dance moves. Polyester, with its shiny finish, became a disco staple for both men and women, while spandex provided the stretch needed for form-fitting clothes that hugged the body perfectly.

Textures played a significant role in disco fashion. Sequins and glitter were almost obligatory, adding essential sparkle to outfits. Whether it was a dress, top, or jumpsuit, sequins ensured you stood out under the disco ball. Vibrant colors like electric blue, hot pink, and gold were popular choices, further enhancing the period’s flamboyant style.

Here’s a quick look at the popular disco fabrics and textures:

Fabric Texture Popular Use
Polyester Shiny Dresses, shirts
Spandex Stretchy Jumpsuits, pants
Sequins Sparkling Tops, dresses
Velvet Luxurious Jackets, dresses

These fabrics and textures defined the disco era, making every outfit a statement.

Essential Disco Accessories

70s fashion must haves

To truly capture the disco vibe, you’ll need iconic platform shoes, glittering statement jewelry, and bold sunglasses.

These essential accessories can help you recreate the glamorous, vibrant style of the 1970s disco scene.

Iconic Platform Shoes

Platform shoes, with their height-boosting thick soles and flashy designs, were essential accessories for any true disco enthusiast. These fashionable footwear choices defined the disco era, offering a unique blend of style and practicality. Whether embellished with glitter or shimmering metallic colors, platform shoes added a touch of glamour that perfectly complemented the extravagant outfits of the time.

You couldn’t step onto the dance floor without noticing the chunky platform heels characteristic of this iconic footwear. These shoes weren’t just about making a bold fashion statement; they were designed for comfort, allowing you to dance the night away without a care.

Both men and women embraced this trend, finding that the added height and flamboyant designs made them feel like they truly belonged in the vibrant world of disco.

Platform shoes became synonymous with the disco scene, elevating not just your height but also your style quotient. They were more than just shoes; they were a crucial part of the disco culture that celebrated boldness and individuality.

If you’re looking to channel the spirit of the disco era, be sure to slip on a pair of these iconic platform shoes.

Glittering Statement Jewelry

During the disco era, sparkling statement jewelry was a crucial accessory, adding boldness and flair to every outfit. You couldn’t step onto the dance floor without some glittering statement pieces. These bold, flashy items were more than just accessories—they were essential elements that completed your disco look.

Large hoop earrings framed your face with a glamorous touch, while chunky necklaces, often adorned with rhhinestones and sequins, added an extra layer of extravagance that caught the light and the attention of everyone around you.

Sparkling bracelets, stacked high on your wrists, jangled with every dance move, contributing to the rhythm of the night. Rhinestones were especially popular, providing that extra shimmer that made you shine under the disco ball.

Metallic finishes were also common, reflecting light and adding a futuristic edge to your ensemble. These statement jewelry pieces weren’t just about looking good—they were about making a statement. They declared your presence loud and clear, ensuring that all eyes were on you as you danced the night away.

Bold Sunglasses Trends

Just like glittering statement jewelry, bold sunglasses were a must-have accessory that defined the disco era’s glamorous and enigmatic look. Oversized frames and colorful tinted lenses were iconic features of this period. These eye-catching sunglasses weren’t merely for sun protection; they were essential disco accessories that added flair and sophistication to any outfit.

Popular styles included aviators, round frames, and square shapes with reflective or gradient lenses. Celebrities like Elton John and Diana Ross often sported unique and extravagant sunglasses, setting trends that everyone wanted to follow. Their eyewear choices, often featuring embellishments and unusual shapes, transformed ordinary sunglasses into extraordinary fashion statements.

Wearing these bold sunglasses indoors at iconic clubs like Studio 54 wasn’t just accepted—it was expected. The oversized frames and colorful tinted lenses added an air of mystery and allure, perfect for the dimly lit dance floors and vibrant light shows. These sunglasses weren’t just functional; they were a crucial part of the disco aesthetic, completing the look and making wearers standout figures in the dazzling world of disco.

Footwear Trends

During the disco era, footwear trends were all about making bold statements with platform shoes, go-go boots, and knee-high designs. Platform shoes were popular among both men and women, offering extra height and a striking look. These shoes featured chunky heels that provided comfort for dancing all night.

Go-go boots were another staple of the disco scene. Paired with short dresses, they created a stylish ensemble. These boots often came in vibrant colors and sometimes glittery or metallic finishes, enhancing the disco aesthetic.

Knee-high boots were also popular during this period. Available in various colors and designs, they were a versatile choice for any disco outfit. Whether you chose a sleek black pair or something more vibrant, knee-high boots were essential for completing your look.

Prominent Hairstyles

trending hairdos of 2023

Disco-era hairstyles of the 1970s epitomized boldness and volume, capturing the essence of the decade’s fashion. The iconic afro, one of the most recognizable styles, embraced natural texture and volume, symbolizing both cultural pride and disco glamour. Essential to these hairstyles was the use of hairspray, crucial for achieving the exaggerated volume and ensuring every strand stayed perfectly in place on the dance floor.

The 1970s also introduced glamorous extensions, adding length and fullness for even more dramatic styles. Disco queens often showcased cascading curls and waves, making a statement under the dazzling lights. Hair trends of the era were diverse, reflecting the flamboyant and expressive fashion of the time.

Whether you opted for natural textures, bold colors, or sky-high volume, 1970s disco hairstyles ensured you stood out, allowing for personal expression and unique style.

Makeup Styles

Complementing the bold hairstyles of the disco era, makeup trends were equally daring and vibrant, showcasing striking colors and shimmering finishes. Disco makeup embraced a fearless approach, making it ideal for a night under dazzling lights.

To capture the essence of disco makeup, start with your eyes. Dramatic eyeliner was essential, often featuring winged or smudged styles to make your eyes pop. Pair this with glittery and shimmery eyeshadows in bold colors like blue, green, and purple for that crucial sparkle.

Bold lip colors were another hallmark of the time. Think bright reds, corals, and fuchsias to complete your look. These shades added a vibrant contrast to the eye makeup, ensuring your lips stood out on the dance floor.

Contouring and highlighting were also key techniques. They helped define your features and added depth to your face, enhancing your look under the disco lights.

For an authentic disco makeup look, remember:

  • Dramatic eyeliner: Winged or smudged styles.
  • Glitter eyeshadows: Shimmery finishes in bold colors.
  • Bold lip colors: Red, coral, and fuchsia.
  • Contouring: Define and enrich facial features.
  • Highlighting: Add depth and luminosity.

Influential Fashion Icons

fashion icons and influence

Trailblazing icons like Donna Summer, Diana Ross, and Cher set the disco fashion scene ablaze with their glamorous and daring styles. These stars weren’t just known for their music; they became synonymous with the bold and extravagant looks that defined disco fashion.

Donna Summer, often hailed as the ‘Queen of Disco,’ dazzled in shimmering gowns and glittering jumpsuits that captured the essence of the dance floor. Her fearless fashion choices made her a trendsetter, influencing fans and designers alike.

Diana Ross, with her larger-than-life persona, adopted sequins, feathers, and luxurious fabrics, creating a look that was both sophisticated and flamboyant. Her iconic stage outfits often featured dramatic silhouettes that highlighted her status as a fashion and music legend.

Cher, the ultimate chameleon, pushed the boundaries of disco fashion with her eclectic and daring ensembles. From her Bob Mackie-designed outfits to her bold use of patterns and textures, Cher’s style was all about breaking norms and celebrating individuality.

These icons didn’t just follow trends; they set them. Their influence extended far beyond the dance floors, leaving a lasting impact on fashion that continues to inspire new generations of artists and designers.

Disco Fashion’s Legacy

The bold and extravagant styles championed by disco icons like Donna Summer and Diana Ross have left a lasting legacy that continues to shape contemporary fashion. The influence of disco fashion is evident in current trends, where vibrant colors, sequins, and daring silhouettes frequently appear on runways and in street style.

Disco dresses, often adorned with glitter and sequins, have evolved into modern party wear, capturing the essence of Studio 54. Bell bottoms, once a staple of the disco era, are now reimagined in modern cuts and fabrics, making a stylish comeback. Platform boots, crucial for Gogo Girls, have entered mainstream fashion, adding height and boldness to any outfit.

The iconic disco ball, a symbol of the era’s vibrant nightlife, continues to inspire accessories and decor, adding a touch of sparkle to contemporary celebrations.

Key elements of disco fashion’s lasting influence include:

  • Disco dresses: Sequined and glittery designs remain popular.
  • Bell bottoms: Modern takes on the classic flared pants.
  • Platform boots: High, bold footwear still in vogue.
  • Vibrant colors: Bright and eye-catching hues.
  • Disco balls: Inspiration for accessories and party decor.

Disco fashion’s legacy is alive and well, influencing how we dress, dance, and celebrate.


Now you have a snapshot of dazzling disco-era fashion! Embrace iconic outfits, experiment with popular fabrics, and don’t forget essential accessories and footwear.

Try bold hairstyles and makeup to capture the vibe. Draw inspiration from influential icons like Donna Summer and Cher. Disco fashion’s legacy lives on, so get out there and make a statement, just like they did.

Keep the disco spirit alive!