The Best Solar Lighting System For Your Neighborhood

It may come as no surprise that people across the globe are trying to conserve energy and generate it at the same time with the least amount of carbon footprint yet with maximum efficacy, and have done so with much success.

The most popular method and go-to option that immediately springs to mind is the use of solar. Whether it be with panels on your home, lighting strips for demonstrations and advertising, to the humble street lights we take for granted till they suddenly go out one night and the area is pitch black.

We have advanced incredibly in the solar industry field and with technology constantly evolving it is no wonder why many people are opting to live as organically and environmentally sustainable lives as possible.

You may not realize how it creeps into your home till it’s a decision you make as a family to have it implemented into your lives and homes and you begin checking off the list of products that are solar-friendly.

It may begin with the garden lights you found on special one evening while grocery shopping but that now line the pathways and hedges of the backyard, then there are the portable phone chargers with a solar panel attached to a Velcro mechanism that you stick to any window and your phone charges essentially with ‘sun rays.’

The world as we know has and still is shifting to safer, enviro-friendly products and means of life, and with solar at the forefront what have you got to lose?

What is solar lighting?

The basic explanation as we know it does ring true to form with the added exception of a few details, but essentially the energy from the sun is drawn to the solar panel which in turn converts it into usable energy for all types of services and products.

For more information on the topic and the history as well as the principals involved in the process you can take a look here, solar is changing the way we consider costs, as it is fundamentally cheaper than generic electricity or kerosene lamp options, they are, however, determined by favorable weather.

The benefits of going solar
The benefits of going solar

Besides the fact that this is saving you money (this was the initial appeal for my husband and me when we first began our research) there is a long list of positives on the subject and that could just be the answer you have been looking for.

We have never looked back after having it installed into our home and just one of the reasons why we held a community meeting to educate the village on the plus sides of solar and have everyone join together to have them installed along our streets.

They are easily installed onto the existing electric poles so ‘that’ cost is eliminated, and with the summer months and weather getting longer each year there is increased light to charge them throughout the year. If the batteries do go flat say during the winter months then the usual electric kicks in, both sides of the story allow for lighting in the evenings, but annually, at the fraction of the cost that it used to be. Win-win if you ask me.

5 Advantages of using solar

  • By far the top reason why people decide to make the switch, it is essentially the gift that keeps on giving. Where there is sun you can have peace of mind in knowing you will have energy pouring in for lights and the operating and running of other home products.
  • Cost-effective. With electricity bills practically cut in half you won’t be dreading the monthly bill coming in through the post anymore, costs are down, energy is up, and life is being lived the way it was always meant to be, with less stress.
  • While the initial investment is higher than a simple electric box installation the payoff, in the long run, is well worth it. And although it doesn’t require constant attention, understandably wear and tear does occur, and thus an annual, or if possible twice-yearly check-up and repair or replace action is a necessity.

If you have the option of installing solar lighting but not sure where to begin or how to start, then check out Solar Lighting International where you can speak to industry professionals about which options will best suit your needs, all the while browsing the products available on the market.

It may just be the expert advice you needed to make the final decision, and soon driving home after a long day’s work on a blustery winter evening, and turning into your street alit with a warm glow, life doesn’t seem so ‘grey’ anymore.

The soft hues lined up like soldiers saluting and guiding you to the safety and coziness of your home. Who knew a solar panel had so much to offer, am I right?

  • Carbon footprint. Emission-free it makes for a great way to play your part in caring for the planet. You also don’t need to rely on fossil fuels running out leaving you high and dry.
  • We are all aware that we undoubtedly pay more than we receive when it comes to our utilities, but choice do we have. We simply cannot function optimally without lights or electricity. Using a solar option you get your initial investment returned thrice fold within the year.

The more research and ‘homework’ you do on the topic the better. Hearing how others proceeded with their projects (read what they have to say in this link), what worked or didn’t for them, and if it is similar to what you are deciding on it could help sway the choice.

Final thoughts.

There is no way around it, solar is taking the world by storm and increasingly so daily, be sure to get your piece of the pie before it is too late. You can not only give back to Mother Nature by using less harvested or manufactured products but use what is readily available and save you money in the process.