Tips for writing a thank you email to guests

Guest reviews can become the silver line between low occupancy and a sold-out weekend for hotel managers and owners. If you have fewer reviews, you’ll most likely discourage people, but you could also turn other guests away if you have negative thoughts. Since hotel occupancy is on the rise, and travelers feel safer when they stay at hotels, there has been rising scrutiny of sanitization and cleanliness of the hotel by guests before they book in. If you miss out on a step in cleaning, you can get bad reviews which can affect the future booking of the hotel. For a hotel to attract other guests, it needs to have high-quality reviews. Here are some tips from MyPaperWriter that you can use to follow up with your guests to secure great online reviews.

Reach out as soon as you can

If your coffee vendor asked you to give a review of your last cup from the previous week, would you have the ability to remember the content or how it tasted? Most probably, you will not get to remember the taste of that coffee. You, therefore, must remember that time is essential, and you forget to message your guests will be in the gap of 24 hours to leave your hotel. It will be a good gesture and a way to get a great review because you will still be lingering freshly on their mind this day.

Utilize contactless hospitality while engaging guests

Since the pandemic turned tables, the term contactless hospitality is widely known among the players in the hotel industry. It entails a communication medium in which guests and hoteliers communicate by providing services as they limit contact face-to-face. To gain reviews through contactless hospitality, you can use software like guest messaging to help you communicate with your guest directly. Emails and text messaging are also great ways to contact your clients or guests before and after the stay.

Give thanks to your guest.

You must first remember that your guests are not obliged to stay in your hotel and that there is a lot of competition worldwide. After having that in mind, you need to thank your guests for their stay at your hotel. It is one of those processes in which you don’t have to overindulge yourself into thinking. Ensure that you’re not is on a personal level and always use their name in your thank you note.

Develop a great template

Since you are a hotel manager, you won’t have all the time in the world to write emails or compose text messages now and then. Instead, you can develop a template and automate a process to send out texts and emails of thank you to the guests after leaving your premises. There are times where you’ll have to edit the template and provide a professional with it to make sure that it is effective when asking for a review instead of just coming out as planned and hash.

Requesting for a review

When you ask for a review, make sure that you are polite and ensure that you communicate that the judgment should get questioned at the customer’s convenience. One of the recommended ways you can ask for a review is to request the customers to share with others the experience they had while staying in the hotel.