Top 10 Customized Gifts for Women

How can you show the most amount of affection for someone you truly love? Giving them a gift on a special occasion, such as Valentine’s or an anniversary, can herald you as a devoted partner who never forgets to impress their lady.

Although there are many off-the-rack presents available for both men and women, going out of your way to personalize a gift for someone you care about shows you really care.

Customized gifts for women is a sure way of winning their heart. Personalized gifts acquire a lot of emotional value because your loved one will treasure the fact that you chose to buy something that wasn’t generic but instead was uniquely hers.

We have gone through the internet to bring you the best-customized gift options so you can choose a gift that will make a woman feel extraordinary and valued while also cementing your name in her good book.

1. Custom Fragrance

Starting off our list are custom fragrances. Having a discernible scent associated with the love and affection you have for her is inexplicably charming. You can personalize everything from the scent itself to the pump and capsule and even the box with whatever design or typography you please. 

Many companies can assemble a tailor-made fragrance for you that not only smells incredible but looks like it belongs in a fashion designer’s closet.

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2. Custom Phone Case

One of the most popular and widely available gifts you can get today is phone cases. There are countless companies offering customization for phone covers, some deeper than others. Many sellers make splendid cases for most phones out there, and they offer a considerable amount of customization too.

You can have your loved one’s favorite song lyric, a chat thread, a personal picture, really anything. You can get creative by yourself if you’re trying to surprise her. Getting your first picture together printed on the case is a timeless option. Another classic is going for an art piece that she’s fond of; this could be anything from an actual painting to an illustration or even her own drawing. There is so much customization you can do here that the possibilities are endless. 

3. Custom Stuffed Toy

Another great present would be a cute little stuffed toy. You can get a stuffed animal with custom engraving, phrases, names, and accessories on it. 

Traditionally speaking, a teddy bear is a go-to option, but you can get creative with your choice. If it’s available, try to opt for her favorite character from a movie or show. Oits-cute Teddy Bears come with cute pink sleepwear that you can also customize and change in no time. ou can also include the date you guys met or had your first kiss or a quote that she likes.

4. Custom Mugs

There are few things better in life than seeing something you’re fond of every time you take a sip of coffee. Customized mugs have been in the mainstream for a long time now. Still, there are some genuinely unique companies out there taking personalization to new heights. 

Instead of just getting her name on a cup, you can also add an image. Just Customized offer some fun customization to really make it personal. You can select your family name, when you two got together, an actual name, and a silly-looking cartoon avatar.

5. Custom Necklace/Pendants

Women love their jewelry, and they love it even more when it’s made explicitly for them. A necklace adds to a person’s look and style while holding a lot of sentimental value on top. You can gift your lady a custom necklace that makes them cherish the time you’ve had together even more. 

MeMeDIY is famous for its customized jewelry. They make several different designs that you can choose from. You can get either solely her or both of your names on it for that extra bit of personal touch. Matching necklaces with your names on them are a classic, but a simple bracelet can also melt her heart. 

6. Custom Shirts 

Customized shirts are another way of ensuring your partner loves their present. You can simply have their name printed on the shirt, get matching shirts for both of you, or you can also customize the shirt by adding pictures and quotes from their favorite books or movies.

MozTrend Birthday Squad offers uni-sex t-shirts that you can customize to add any words or phrases of your choice.

7. Custom Rings

Another classic on our list, we have customized rings that tie your bond together like nothing else. A custom ring is a constant reminder of your care and affection right on her finger. Another great option is matching rings, as the only thing better than one custom ring is two custom rings.

Hand-stamped rings are readily available on Amazon. These rings have the names (or any word of your choice) of your loved one and you stamped on an aluminum ring made by bending a straight piece of aluminum into a circle. It also includes two hearts at the end of each name to drive the cuteness to another level. 

8. Custom Scented Candles

Candles are unapologetically romantic. They are the perfect lovers’ gift, but they’re excellent even if you want to stun your friend or a family member. 

These custom poured candles from Amazon are some of the most unique we’ve ever seen. They take the exact address at where you guys first met, or any address you want, and make a beautiful, minimalist map art out of it. They also include the date of your first meeting along with names and an extra phrase if you want one. The candles come in more than 20 scents, and they even offer custom matchboxes to match the candles. 

9. Custom Star Map

This is a relatively new addition to the list of the best gifts. Star Maps are precisely what they sound like; they’re pictures of the constellation of a particular date, may it be future or past. 

There are multiple companies offering star maps with their own twist on them. Some allow you to add quotes, change background colors and add personalized dates as well. Star Maps are printed on the highest-grade paper possible, and you can get them framed as well. This is one magnificent gift that holds a lot of emotional value. It shows that you care about the person beyond anything else, and you’re willing to speak to the skies to represent your endearment to them. 

10. A Special Night Out

Nothing can beat a classic night spent outside your home. There’s just something so endearing about going out with your loved one and talking about life. Recalling the past and how things have changed since the time you’ve been together. This way, you’re both exchanging the gift of each other’s time, love, and existence.

You can take her out for a candlelight dinner, spend a night on a cruise ship, or maybe even book a yacht if you want to get fancy. You don’t necessarily need to reserve a table at a Michelin-star restaurant or a room at The Palms Resort. Even going to your local deli to catch up on the town talk or hanging out at a bar after consecutive late-night shifts at work can prove to be so worthwhile that no material gift can even come close. 


Giving customized gifts is like going that extra mile to be more mindful of your loved one. While regular presents are still well and good, adding in that spark of personal touch is what drives it home.

Sometimes, it can seem confusing as to what to pick as a gift. Some options are too bougie while others are too simple. So, we hope you found our top 10 customized gifts for women helpful in deciding what to give your loved one.