Top 5 tips about eye makeup

Eye makeup can be a great way to accentuate your features and give yourself an extra dose of confidence. Surprisingly eye makeup can transform you into a completely new person! Be it just a subtle hint or a full-on smoky eye, eyeliner, mascara, and shadow are perfect for creating the look you want.

Eye makeup is a very personal aspect of your look, and while it may seem like you could never go wrong by applying mascara and eyeliner to each eye, some subtleties can make all the difference. So whether you’re looking for an everyday natural look or something more dramatic for a night out with friends, these tips will help you get ready in no time.

Why apply eye primer? Eye primer, used to increase the durability of the cosmetics you apply to your eyes, making them last longer. If you are someone who likes bright colours on their eyes, applying eye primer beforehand will ensure that your makeup stays put all day long without any smearing or fading! Apply eye primer before the eyeshadow. Its purpose is to help your shadow stay on longer.

How to use eye primer: Only have to dab a small amount onto your eyelids and blend it in to create an even layer. You can even wear your primer alone without applying any eyeshadow. The primer will leave a subtle sheen on its own.


Why use eyeliner? Eyeliner is a cosmetic used to define the eyes. It is available in a wide range of eye-catching colours and intensities. Although most people use eyeliners as a way to enhance their natural eye colour further or simply because they feel it looks better, eyeliner has many different uses, from drawing attention to the eyes, preventing tears and sweat from ruining the rest of your makeup, or even improving eyesight!

  • Tips for applying eyeliner: when putting liner, start in the middle of your lids and work your way outwards to the corners. However, please do not take it too far because you will have difficulty filling in the gap.
  • To make eyes look bigger: One of the main reasons women wear eyeliner is to make their eyes look bigger. Line your top lash line, extending past the outer corner slightly on the lower lash line, a line from the inner corner outwards towards the temples. It will create a wide-eyed effect by making your eyes appear larger and more open.
  • Instead of black, use white eyeliner on the top lash line to make the eyes look brighter. Apply it to the inner corner and work it towards just past halfway through your lash line, smudging as you go. You can also use light grey or silver for a more dramatic effect.
  • To make eyes look smaller: Instead of wearing eyeliner on your top lash line, try smudging black or grey shadow from the inner corner to just past halfway through your lash line. It gives you a softer, smoky look.

eye makeup

Why use mascara? Mascara is used to making eyelashes look longer and more beautiful. It provides colour, length, and thickness to lashes. By applying this product to the roots of your lashes, you will gain fuller-looking eyes. You may apply mascara every day but remember that different mascaras won’t dry up in the tube for a month, so it is essential to check the expiration date. Apply mascara in two coats – one from the root of your lashes to the tip and then again at the base of your lashes. You may also use an eyelash extension kit for more drama and glam.

types of mascara

  • Waterproof mascaras – many women are already using this product because no matter how much they cry or sweat, their eyes will not be affected by water.
  • We are lengthening mascaras – This type of mascara which we use for lengthening our lashes. It makes the lash line look longer by adding more coats on your lashes without making them look too thick.
  • Thickening mascaras – this type of product is best for women with thin eyelashes that want their eyelashes to appear thicker and longer.
  • Volumizing mascaras – this product is suitable for making your lashes appear thicker and fuller by giving more volume to the lashes.

types of mascara

Why use eyeshadow for your eyes? you can easily enhance your eyes and create a refined look for yourself. The use of the right eye shadow colours is essential for drawing attention to your eyes. the colour of the eyelids is slightly darker in tone than the colour of your skin. Therefore, it is challenging to select an eyeshadow shade that can complement your overall look. You can choose from a wide range of neutral eyeshadow colours that will suit your skin tone and eye colour in such a situation. A good rule of thumb is to apply a lighter shade on top and a darker shade below.

types of eye shadows

  • Shimmer eyeshadow – shimmer eyeshadow has small particles of glitter that reflect light, making your eyes look brighter. It is for occasions that call for a glamorous look, party nights, and drinks and dancing.
  • Matte eyeshadow – matte eyeshadow does not reflect light because it has no shine to it. Its colour is uniform throughout the pan. Matte eyeshadow comes in handy for daily use. The neutral shades will blend in perfectly with your skin complexion and lift your eyes.
  • Glitter eyeshadow – glitter eyeshadow comes in a small pot and contains different sizes of particles of glitter that reflect light. This type of shadow is best used for going out or parties because it makes your eyes look brighter.
  • Cream eyeshadow: You may apply this product with your finger. It comes in many different colours like other eyeshadows. The longevity of the cream eye shadows is slightly more than the powdered ones but is also up for debate concerning the brands.

Why use eyebrow pencil? Eyebrow pencil is a standard beauty product for many women. If your eyebrows are light or thin, an eyebrow pencil will help you to give form and thickness, making them look neater. In addition, if you are using an eyebrow pencil, you can define your eyebrows well. With the outlined shape of brows, your eyes will look more defined and attractive.

Tips for your eyebrow colour

Tips for your eyebrow colour

  • There are five colours like blond, brown, black, and grey for eyebrow pencils. You can choose a colour that is closer to your eyebrow hair colour. Since eyebrows show upper facial expressions, you can express your emotion via them.
  • You can use an eyebrow pencil to draw a straight line, giving your face a fresh and neat look. If you become tired of one style and want to change it, you can easily change by drawing a different type of outline.
  • You also need to pay attention to your eyebrows. If you have thin eyebrows, pluck them and if they become too thick, cut them with scissors. By doing this, you can get perfectly shaped eyebrows.


you are bound to turn heads with eye makeup that stuns people into admiration. Rock that party look or stay available with the 9-5 work look.