Unusual and Unique Lord of the Rings Gifts

If you are someone who actively watches and stays up to date with Hollywood, you might have heard of the movie The Lord of the Rings. For those interested in war and history, they would surely love to see this one. The movie has turned out into a whole franchise due to its epic success and has also become an important element of pop culture.

For the fans, there are always some extraordinary gifts and souvenirs that you can get. The following article is based on the unusual and unique Lord of the Rings gifts that any fan would love.

What is Lord of the Rings?

The Lord of the Rings was an English Novel whose first single volume edition was printed in 1968. It has been written by R. R. Tolkien is focused on history and science fiction. The story is focused on Dark Lord Sauron who created one ring to rule other rings and ultimately all of the world. The story ranges in different quests to coming to that ring. There were three different novels written.

The novel publication was quite successful which is why three fantasy adventure films were also released. This includes  The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002), and The Return of the King (2003). The film director was Peter Jackson while the distribution company was New Line Cinema. Cast of the film included Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Liv Tyler, Viggo Mortensen, and Sean Astin.

Critics and audience highly appreciated this film and liked the story play as well as presentation through amazing movie visuals. On a budget of $281 million, there was over $2.9 billion in earnings.

Where to Buy
Lord of the Rings Ring Shot Glasses
Lord of the Rings Names & Eye of Sauron 2-pack Adult Crew Socks
ITOMTE Handmade Swedish Gnome, Scandinavian Tomte with Spring, Yule Santa Nisse, Nordic Figurine with Pocket, Plush Elf Toy, Winter Table Ornament, Christmas Decoration, Holiday Presents - 15 Inches
Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set
A Mug To Keep I Love You Like A Hobbit Loves Seond Breakfast, 11 Ounces Funny Coffee Mug
Moleskine Limited Edition Lord Of The Rings Notebook, Hard Cover, Pocket (3.5" x 5.5") Ruled/Lined, 192 Pages
The Lord Of The Rings Limited Edition Eye Of Sauron Pez Collector's Series Dispensers


Following are some of the gifts you can get for the fans of Lord of the Rings.

Lord of the Rings Ring Shot Glasses

The Lord of the Rings Shot Glasses have a 3D imprint of some of the famous elements from the movie such as the Gnome, Ring, Logo, quotes, and even character names. This delightful gift pack comes in a set of 4 shot glasses and comes in a pre-set gift pack. A good thing about these glasses is that they are officially licensed. Keep in mind that each glass has a capacity of 20 ml of drink.

There is a 4.6 out of 5-star rating for this on Amazon.com which suggests that this could be the perfect blind buy as well.

Lord of the Rings Names & Eye of Sauron 2-pack Adult Crew Socks

Christmas is coming and what could be a better gift than giving a pair of socks having official Lord of the Rings Merchandise on them. These socks are made of high-quality polyester which guarantees their durability and ensures that they will last for long. You can hand wash or machine wash them as there is no restriction.

One can wear this if they have a shoe size of 6 to 12 which covers quite many. There was not even a single one- or two-star review for these socks that shows that almost all the customers were highly satisfied from their purchase. Get yours too.

ITOMTE Handmade Swedish Gnome

Perhaps a cute and a quite unusual gift to someone could be a Gnome from the movie The Lord of the Rings. These Gnomes are available in 5 different designs and colors so you can choose from a range of options. Probably one of the best things about this Gnome is that it is handcrafted and not a duplicate. This also ensures that it is made with utmost care and attention resulting in a flawless product. Many might relate to this Gnome as being a sign of luck.

For all The Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, this could be a perfect Gnome. It stands 15 inches tall from top to bottom and is 4.5 inches wide. It can be used as a plush toy or even a winter decoration ornament. One thing you’ll like the most about this is that despite being quite small, it is relatively detailed and made to precision.

You can find other action figures and collectibles here.A Wizard collectible figure.

Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set

For all the intellectual gamers out there, this could be a perfect Chess gift set. It’s not some regular chess as it has different sculpted pieces as compared to the original chess. The sculpted pieces are basically characters from the movie, The Lord of the Rings.

Unlike the regular chess, this one has the command forces of good (whites) which are led by Galadriel, Aragorn, Frodo and Gandalf the Grey while on the opposite side is the command forces of evil (blacks) which include Gollum, the Nazgûl, Saruman, and the Dark Lord Sauron. Isn’t that one of the coolest chess ever?

Even the board is imprinted with the theme of The Lord of the Rings. As far as the technical specifications are concerned, the pieces measure 2 inches to 4 inches each while the board measures 18.5 by 18.5  inches. Being an Amazon’s choice product, it is definitely recommended from us.

Wax figure of Gollum, a main character from the film.

The Lord of the Rings Mug

Starting a healthy day with a quote from your favorite movie is just the perfect start to the day. This Mug is a registered trademark from Fred and Levine and comes with the quote “I Love You Like A Hobbit Loves Second Breakfast”. For those who don’t understand the quote, a hobbit is a race of little people who have existed in The Lord of The Rings. These are small in size but up for a meal anytime.

The Mug is made out of a high-quality ceramic and manufactured within the United States. It has the logo imprinted on both sides rather than one. Have a stress-free purchase because it is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. The Mug has a capacity of 11 ounces and is yet another Amazon’s choice product which is why we found it perfect for our list of unique Lord of the Rings Gifts.

Moleskine Limited Edition Lord of The Rings Notebook

For a real crazy fan out there, a limited-edition book could be the perfect gift. This is because many of them want collectables and other types of souvenirs. These are special Moleskine limited edition notebooks that you can get in five different types of designs as you like. It is one of the most perfect items because of the deluxe quality of the ivory paper pages, a hard cover, and a perfectly texture page for smoother writing.

In technical concerns, the notebook has an elastic closure and is available in either a pocket size or a large size notebook. The pocket version measures 3.5″ x 5.5″ and has 192 pages while the large one measures 5″ x 8.25″ and comes with a total of 240 pages. If you are confused and don’t have any idea on which one to buy, just blindly go for the collector’s edition as it will truly be a special gift for your close one.

Collectible books could be one of the best gifts ever.

The Lord of The Rings Limited Edition Eye of Sauron Pez Collector’s Series Dispensers

A single set that has multiple characters from the film and the novel, Lord of The Rings. There are several options for getting a collectible character in its singular form, but this set would be just a single purchase for your entire collection to be accurately fulfilled. It comes with a total of 12 Pez Packages. When we say Limited Edition, we do mean that this is actually a limited edition since only 150,000 of these are made and very few are left. You must hurry if you wish to buy it before it goes out of stock.

It includes Frodo, Baggins, Samwise, Gamgee, The Eye of Sauron as well as Gandalf Aragorn LegolasGimli Gollum Dispensers. Customer reviews for this set said that this proved to be a great gift for the fans who were quite thrilled and excited to have this one. On average, it has received a 4.4 out of a 5-star rating on Amazon.com which shows that many were satisfied with their purchase.


Christmas is just around the corner and what could be better than The Lord of the Rings Gifts. There are many different types of gifts that you can give to someone having a high interest in either the movie or the novel. We suggest you pick the most unique ones as they carry a high level of interest from the users. Moreover, do carefully look at the different types of customer reviews before actually buying the product.