What are some great health gift ideas?

You know how sometimes, you see in sitcoms or comedy movies that guy that always gives a gift that no one wants? Things like vitamins, certificates to the gym, etc.? It makes you think that health gift ideas are a poor choice, because people will either feel insulted by them, or just not be that interested in them. Most people who want to go to the gym already do, and most people already take vitamins on a daily basis.

So, when and why would health gifts be appropriate, and what are some ideas for ones that people actually enjoy? How can you avoid accidentally calling somebody out of shape or unhealthy, etc.? Well, I don’t have an end-all answer to this, but I’ll do my best to give some simple suggestions. Really, this is a subjective thing, but I will try. I will also give you a suggestion on how to buy these gifts more cheaply, given how ridiculous the price of anything related to health is in this country.

What are some good gift ideas?

First of all, this depends on the person and the gender. Skincare products are often a good gift to give to women, as they won’t take it as an insult. This is all entirely due to social conditioning, so please don’t interpret this is any personal sentiment of sexism, but women have been raised to habitually take care of their skin to a greater degree than men have.

For men, anything to do with shaving will always be a plus. Are they hairy and bearded? Then oils to give them a healthier beard, and beard grooming products will be very much appreciated by them.

If you’re looking to spend a little more money, smart watches are a popular solution. Fitness watches have other functions besides just fitness, which means that even people living in unhealthy lifestyle will still get some use out of them.

Energy supplements are also appreciated by most people, provided you’re willing to look for the ones that don’t cause the jitters or any other unpleasant feelings. Avoid things like energy drinks, as these things not only taste terrible, but they make people who don’t drink them feel like they’ve been poisoned.

Another good suggestion would be subscriptions to healthy eating services. Even if people don’t have the healthiest dietary habits, many of these services provide quite delicious food that people enjoy even if their normal diet consists of greasy hamburgers and pizza. These are the types of things that all people will enjoy, and nobody will think you’re trying to get them to take a hint.

Buying a health gift cheaper?

If you want to buy a health gift, you can do this a lot cheaper by purchasing it through a Canadian pharmacy. Canadian pharmacies do sell pretty much everything I’ve mentioned above, with the exception of the health food subscriptions. Canadian pharmacies have a far cheaper price point on their products due to the pharmaceutical profitability margin being offset by their tax system, where in America it is directly conveyed through the price. It is arguably a better system, but regardless of that, as an American, you can take advantage of this loophole. Since you don’t pay into tax system, you can buy a health gift much cheaper, with the only markup being mild import and customs tariffs!

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