Girly Car Mirror Accessories Teens Might Have

When you own a car, you surely want it to be at its best, be it in terms of appearance or performance. Most people, particularly youngsters, even search for accessories that can be used to give a personal touch to their cars. One of the most common decorations that people tend to purchase for their cars includes car mirror accessories. This is true, particularly for teenagers who are obsessed with cute and girly things.

Accessories can truly add beauty to your car. It enhances the interior décor of your vehicle, and rearview mirror accessories fulfill this purpose marvelously. They are items you hang on the mirror, which are made specifically for cars. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. You can choose them depending on your preferences and change them whenever you want. One of the most popular examples is the car mirror fuzzy dice

Most people use car mirror accessories as these give them a sense of belongingness. For some, it is something that reminds them of their achievement of getting a car, while to some, it can be gifted by their loved ones. These accessories are also quite entertaining to look at when the car moves. It can also provide happiness for the passengers in the car. There are tons of options for car mirror accessories. In this post, we are giving you a list of girly car mirror accessories that teenagers might have. 

1. Charm Décor Pendant

Charms are cute and girly decorations that you can definitely hang on your car mirror. They are simple enough and won’t distract you while driving but can add beauty to the interior of your car. There are pendants that shine bright when they come in contact with the sunlight, which is perfect if you want to add glow to your vehicle. Charms or trinkets are cute and suit perfectly for a beautiful girly decorative pendant for the car mirror. 

2. Mini Dream Catcher for Car Mirror

a cute dream catcher hanging on the car mirror

Most of the time, dream catchers are used to decorating bedrooms. But there are also smaller ones that you can use to hang on the car mirror. Dream catchers are also simple but elegant decorative pieces. In addition to enhancing the interiors of your car, it can also act as a reminder of your dreams. This makes it a great gift that you can give to your loved ones, too. Dream catchers also come in many different designs and colors. Therefore, you can choose one that will best represent your personality to add a personal touch to your car. 

3. Miniature Hanging Plants for Rearview Mirror

If you are a teenager who loves plants or nature, it is also a good idea to hang some miniature plants in your rearview mirror. There are mini-plants that come with a Boho hanging planter, tiny pots, and small plants that are made specifically for rearview mirrors. They are really cute and adorable, giving your car a lively vibe. It can also be a great gift for your friends who love nature and cute things. 

4. The Classic Fuzzy Dice

For something cute and classic, the fuzzy dice are something that never gets old. It is a fun way to incorporate style into your car. What’s great about these is that many sellers offer them in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Therefore, you have a chance to decorate your car depending on your favorite colors and personality. Along with the fuzzy dice, you can also add photos to your mirror to add some attitude to your ride. 

5. Specialty Air Fresheners

Another classic but cute way to decorate the car rearview mirror is to hang some air fresheners. For teenage girls, there are charming air fresheners for cars available in the market. Some even have cartoon character designs like Hello Kitty. The best thing about these is that they are cute and cool mirror accessories and can also make your car smell fresh at the same time. 

6. Personalized Rearview Mirror Accessory

cute accessories to hang on car mirrors

There are also shops out there that offer personalized accessories for car mirrors. For instance, some can make the cutest personalized photos that you can hang on your car mirror. Therefore, if you always want to see a photo of you and your boyfriend or maybe your family when you drive, then hanging personalized accessories with your favorite pictures is a great idea. These also usually come with charms and other trinkets that make them look more girly. 

7. Car Mirror Tassel Charm

Another cute and girly accessory for car mirrors is a tassel charm. There are many designs available in the market and online. An example is a pink sparkly tassel with light wood beads. It comes with a wooden dowel across the top, allowing you to hoop it over the mirror and fasten it with a string. There are many colors and designs to choose from, and they will surely add a girly touch to your car mirror. 

8. Rearview Mirror Bling

There is also girly rearview mirror bling that teens stick around the sides of their rearview mirrors. They make the mirror look shiny and beautiful. These usually come in many colors and designs and are made of various materials. Some are designed with cartoon characters, while some are adorned with beads and sparkly details. It is something that gives the rearview mirror a beautiful and girly look.

9. Lucky Charms

You can also find teens who hang lucky charms on their car mirrors. An example of this is a girly four-leaf clover lucky charm. Four-leaf clovers are known to be lucky, making them the perfect good luck ornament for your car mirror. Some are even decorated with a feather, fur, and gem crystals for added style.

10. Inspirational Car Mirror Ornament

If you are someone who’s always looking for something that can motivate you, then hanging a cute car mirror ornament with inspiring and motivational words on it is a great idea. A lot of teens also have these accessories to keep them inspired as they go to school, particularly if there is an exam coming. There are lots of girly but inspirational car mirror adornments out there to choose from. 

These are some of the girly car mirror accessories that teens might have. All of these are quite unique but wonderful accessories. You can truly hang a lot of things in the rearview mirror of your car. However, you also have to be careful and avoid over-accessorizing. When you choose charms and other embellishments for your car mirror, ensure that they are small enough and will not block your view when you drive.