Keeping Lord of the Rings Accessories on Your Desk

For many people, surviving the workweek is more like trying to sneak the One Ring into Mordor. If you are one of the people who easily get bored or sleepy while working in front of your computer or desk, one of the easy ways to make the nine to give more bearable is to adorn your workspace. If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings, you can decorate your desk with all of the things that you love most from Middle Earth.

There are lots of things every true Lord of the Rings fan needs. Arguably, The Lord of the Rings books has been the most popular fantasy book series in history since they were published. A lot of nerds have become charmed with attention to detail, literary genius, and a world of Middle Earth. Therefore, if you are a fan of the book series or the movies, decorating your desk with related items is a great idea. 

If you are looking for things that you can use to make your desk in the office or at home inspired by The Lord of the Rings, you’re in the right place. In this post, we are giving you the best Lod of the Rings accessories that you can keep on your desk.

1. Lord of the Rings Coffee Mugs

Almost every person who works in an office drink coffee or tea to keep their energy levels high. Therefore, adorning your desk with a Lord of the Rings coffee mug is a great idea. With each sip of coffee, your mug will bring you closer to your favorite characters and their feats of bravery. Lots of stores out there are selling mugs with LOTR designs. If you can’t find one, you can also search for shops that can customize one for you. 

2. Lord of the Rings Notebook

Even though everything today seems to be high-tech, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a notebook on your desk. This is actually very useful as you can easily reach for it if you want to take notes to remember important details. There are also lots of LOTR-inspired notebooks that you can buy. One of the best is the Moleskin Limited Edition Lord of the Rings Notebook. It is a black notebook that features a cover that reflects an iconic Lord of the Rings moment when Frodo and Samwise make their last journey to the feet of Mount Doom. 

3. Lord of the Rings Mouse Pad

Another decorative and useful item that you can keep on your desk is a Lord of the Rings-inspired mousepad. Some people no longer use mousepads, but if you do, there are many LOTR mouse pads to choose from, especially online. Some are even designed with the writing of the ancient elvish language, which is inscribed inside the ring from the series. The design depends on your preferences and the theme that you want to achieve for your LOTR desk. 

4. Lord of the Rings Lamp

Keeping your desk well-illuminated is important, especially if you work there until nighttime. For fans of LOTR, displaying a charming lamp inspired by the book series or movies is great. One example of this is an LED light-up Mines of Moria Door. This is a charming lamp to decorate your desk with. Plus, it can help you clearly see the things that you need to read when it is dark.

5. Lord of the Rings Bookends

If you like to keep your favorite books on your desk, then it is important to have bookends to keep them in place. Getting a pair of decorative bookends that are inspired by LOTR is a perfect idea. If you remember, towards the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, the group reaches the Gates of Argonath, where two immense statues mark the border of Gondor. If you like that part, then you can get bookmarks that are designed as the Gates of Argonath. They are like miniatures of the gates and will surely handle your books well. These are also the perfect bookends if you are planning to display your LOTR books. 

6. Lord of the Rings Funko Pop! Characters

If you want to make your desk look cute and adorable, then displaying some Funko Pop! LOTR characters is a good way. There’s a good reason Funko Pop! figures are among the best collectibles out there. The company works closely with each franchise, ensuring that they represent the characters accurately, from the way they dress to the weapons that they hold. These are officially licensed toys that are small enough to be displayed on your office desk or work table at home. You can also display them along with your LOTR books, either out of the box or in the box. 

7. Lord of the Rings Boxed Book Set

Of course, if you do not have copies of the books yet, it is a good idea to buy them and put them on your desk. You can immerse yourself in the stories of Tolkien with the beautiful hardcover boxed set that you can find on the market. The set features all three installments of the iconic series. Your desk will not be complete without the books. 

8. Eye of Sauron Snow Globe

If you want to add some festive feeling to your desk, you can display a snow globe that features the evil eye and tower in Mordor. It also has a sturdy base that is wrapped by the One Ring. It is a charming collectible piece that will complete your LOTR-inspired desk. It is not just for the holidays as you can keep it on your desk all year round. 

9. The Green Dragon Beer Mug

Drinking beer is prohibited in most offices and workplaces, but that does not mean you can’t display a beer mug on your desk. The Green Dragon beer mug is a lovely piece of LOTR-inspired items that you can display on your desk in the office or at home. It is a way to transform your workplace into the Green Dragon, which is among the many inns of the Shire. 

10. Lord of the Rings Miniature Ents

There are also miniature Ents that you can buy, which are great to display on your desk. It is a great way if you want to showcase your love for the Ents. These tiny desktop LOTR accessories are cute but also feature realistic details that are quite impressive. Any fan of LOTR, particularly fans of Ents, would love this. 

These are some of the best Lord of the Rings accessories that you can keep on your desk. Having these items in your workspace can help in keeping you motivated and entertained as you work on your daily tasks. These are just a few recommendations, and there are many more great accessories out there, depending on your preferences and the theme that you want to achieve. We hope this post helped you learn more about keeping Lord of the Rings accessories on your desk.