Ultimate Guide to All Things Disco

many disco balls

Disco is among the many genres of dance music. It is also a subculture that was introduced in the 1970s from the urban nightlife scene in the United States. Even though it is one of the most short-lived crazes of the music industry, it had a huge influence on contemporary electronic dance … Read more

Who Was Don Ho and What Was He Known For?

Don Ho in 2001

Donald Tai Loy Ho or more popularly known as Don Ho was a traditional pop musician, singer, and entertainer in America. He is most famous for the song “Tiny Bubbles” from his album with the same title. He’s also known for his laid-back, aloha style, which made him an island tourist attraction … Read more

Must See Places in Hawaii

a beautiful beach in Hawaii

Hawaii is known in the world for its tropical climate and beauty. It is a Pacific paradise that is hard to miss for tourists. It occupies the tops of massive volcanic mountaintops, giving the island diverse and beautiful landscapes. These vary from the plain lunar surface of the Kilauea volcano to the … Read more

Must See Places in Miami

the Miami skyline

Miami is among the premier vacation destinations in South Florida. It features a lot of beaches, great weather, history, entertainment, sports, and culture. It has also been popularized by the classic television series Miami Vice. Downtown Miami is a modern metropolis and cultural gem. Visiting Miami is more than just visiting one … Read more

The Career of Michael Thomas


Philip Michael Thomas, a retired American actor and musician, was born on 26th May 1949 in Columbus, Ohio. He is well-known for his Detective Ricardo Tubbs (Rico) role in the series Miami Vice. He is of Native American, Irish, German, and African American ancestry. As well as playing a role in the … Read more

The Career of Don Johnson

close-up photo of Don Johnson

Donnie Wayne Johnson is an American songwriter, director, actor, singer, and producer born on 15th December 1949. In Miami Vice, a 1980s television series, Johnson played the role of James Sonny Crockett and won a Golden Globe award for his role in the series. In the 90s cop series Nash Bridges, he … Read more

The Social Pink Flamingos

Of the many species on earth, one of the most fascinating and beautiful ones is the pink flamingo. While not all humans might like to come into contact with such a large bird, the unique habits and looks of the flamingo have made them a point of interest in several aspects.  The … Read more