How Fashion Impacts Self-Esteem

How Fashion Impacts Self-esteem

Confidence is like the spark that starts everything in our lives. It’s what makes us do things, make choices, and connect with others. Imagine if you could have a strong sense of self-assurance that stays with you all the time, not just sometimes. Now, think about this: What if the clothes you … Read more

Creating Unique Outfits from Basics

Woman looking at her many wardrobe

Fashion is all about those little details that can really make a difference. It’s about paying attention to those tiny details that can truly transform your look. Just as a pinch of spice can turn a regular dish into something extraordinary, these details can elevate your everyday outfits.  So, when you find … Read more

What exactly is Anime fashion?


Fashion and anime are two entirely different industries. Of course, anime is popular worldwide, but in recent years, it has become increasingly obvious that anime has inspired Japanese street fashion. There has been an anime-inspired shift in the fashion world, from big runways to retail streets! What is Anime? Anime, a type … Read more

How To Look Stylish Wearing Headphones


Want to create a fashion statement and draw attention while sporting headphones? Don’t look any further since we have the best guide to help you improve your style and headphone game! In the current digital era, headphones have become a necessary accessory for many of us, whether making calls, listening to music, … Read more

Accessories Nerds Wear

Man in blue jacket wearing eyeglasses

There’s no question that accessories make an outfit. But for nerds, it’s not about just looking good. It’s about expressing who they are through what they wear. We all know what nerds look like. Apparently, from the way they dress, nerds are often described as smart-looking people who wear thick-rimmed glasses. But … Read more

Do People Still Dress in Miami Vice Styles Today

Do People Still Dress in Miami Vice Styles Today

When most people think of Miami Vice, they think of the flashy clothes and hairstyles that were popular in the 1980s. But does anyone still dress like that today? Turns out, there are some people who still rock those styles! Miami Vice was a famous TV show during the 80s, and it … Read more

Light-Up Shoes Are Not Just For Kids

person wearing an LED light-up shoes

Shoes are among the most fashionable items that can enhance an outfit. There are many different kinds of shoes out there, such as sneakers, doll shoes, running shoes, and more. These days, one of the popular types of shoes is light-up shoes. These are shoes that feature LED lights and are usually … Read more

Guide to Miami Vice Women’s Fashion

Key stars of the show, Miami Vice.

Let’s have a throwback to the 80s, a decade of glamor and bold dressing. Women fashion revolutionized in the 80s and much change was there due to the Miami Vice fashion introduced for both men and women. Different models and celebrities were promoting it which is why it is still considered as … Read more

Ultimate Guide to 80s Fashion

Joan Collins, a famous star that was a key influencer of the 80s fashion.

The decade of 80s was known for bold style and colors. Women had heaping amounts of permed hair to add more to the glamorous look. Conservative dressing reduced and ripped tights, open shoulders, and biker jackets became a major fashion icon. Famous celebrities of the era include Joan Collins and Joan Jett … Read more

Craziest Hairstyles of the 1980s

A man sporting a mohawk, a very popular hairstyle during the 80’s.

The 80’s are a time fondly remembered by many today. Some people spent their childhoods during the 80’s, and reminisce about the Summer days where they walked around with their Walkman music players and spent half the day with their eyes glued to MTV on a CRT TV. Others were much older … Read more