Light-Up Shoes Are Not Just For Kids

person wearing an LED light-up shoes

Shoes are among the most fashionable items that can enhance an outfit. There are many different kinds of shoes out there, such as sneakers, doll shoes, running shoes, and more. These days, one of the popular types of shoes is light-up shoes. These are shoes that feature LED lights and are usually … Read more

Top 10 Customized Gifts for Women

Custom unisex t-shirt, Womens Bachelorette Party Tees, Personalized shirts, Soft triblend customizable t-shirt, Bridal Party Tee, brunch t-shirt

How can you show the most amount of affection for someone you truly love? Giving them a gift on a special occasion, such as Valentine’s or an anniversary, can herald you as a devoted partner who never forgets to impress their lady. Although there are many off-the-rack presents available for both men … Read more

Guide to Miami Vice Women’s Fashion

Key stars of the show, Miami Vice.

Let’s have a throwback to the 80s, a decade of glamor and bold dressing. Women fashion revolutionized in the 80s and much change was there due to the Miami Vice fashion introduced for both men and women. Different models and celebrities were promoting it which is why it is still considered as … Read more

20 Great Wonder Woman Cosplay Accessories

Poster of the film, Wonder Woman (2017)

Introduction Why do all the boys carry all the wonder when women can have the wonder too. Wonder Woman has been the most famous women superhero character based on the DC Comics of the same name. To portray yourself as the perfect Wonder Woman, you would definitely want the perfect makeup and … Read more

Ultimate Guide to 80s Fashion

Joan Collins, a famous star that was a key influencer of the 80s fashion.

The decade of 80s was known for bold style and colors. Women had heaping amounts of permed hair to add more to the glamorous look. Conservative dressing reduced and ripped tights, open shoulders, and biker jackets became a major fashion icon. Famous celebrities of the era include Joan Collins and Joan Jett … Read more

Craziest Hairstyles of the 1980s

A man sporting a mohawk, a very popular hairstyle during the 80’s.

The 80’s are a time fondly remembered by many today. Some people spent their childhoods during the 80’s, and reminisce about the Summer days where they walked around with their Walkman music players and spent half the day with their eyes glued to MTV on a CRT TV. Others were much older … Read more

The Guide to Kangol Style for Women

The official logo of the brand, Kangol

Modern fashion is an ever changing one with many new trends coming in every day. It is not only the women’s fashion which changes quickly but even the men’s fashion also has differences quite often. Nonetheless, the basis of modern fashion has been set at the currently exceptionally higher standards only due … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to 70s Disco Fashion

A disco ball

Jumpsuits, slinky fabrics, and sparkly stilettos are suddenly all the rage, but did you know they first became fashionable during the seventies? Disco fashion of the 1970s is making a comeback, but some are put off by the over-the-top glam and color brought by this era’s style. But if you need some … Read more

Guide to Kangol Shirts and Hoodies

Kangol is a brand that became popular for the iconic berets worn by famous people in history such as Diana, Princess of Wales, appearing in the Vogue magazine of the year 1983. Kangol hats went on to be called by their popular name, “Kangaroo hats” as the iconic Kangaroo picture on the … Read more

Fun Pink Flamingo Fashion Accessories for Women

a girl wearing a headband with flamingoes printed on it

Fashion accessories make an excellent addition to your attire. They level up your dressing and add a class to your style. They can turn a boring outfit into an interesting one while also breaking the monotony of the colors. For instance, do you realize that what can wearing a long silver necklace … Read more