Lamps That Nerds Like

Lamps are among the most stylish and functional items that you can place at home. They can be placed as decorations in the living room and bedroom and can also illuminate these rooms in a trendy way. The kinds of interior decorations that you pick for your home are often a great reflection of your own personal style. Therefore, if you are on the nerdy side of things, then getting a nerdy lamp is perfect for you. Lighting solutions with geeky sci-fi, superheroes, or comical shapes are some of the best examples.

Today, in the modern technological age, people are more open about their feelings and attitudes when it comes to things like television, movies, and media. With this, showcasing your interests through your home décor is a creative way to express your personality. Having some nerdy lighting solutions will not only provide a source of illumination but will also showcase your interests in things like superhero characters, television shows, video games, and more. 

Nerds also have the unique characteristic of loving to read books. By that, we mean actual books that are written with paper and ink. Therefore, for that task, having a lamp that they can use when reading is also great. If you are searching for a nerdy lamp, whether for yourself that you can display in your room or for your nerdy friend, we’re here to help you. In this post, we are giving you a list of the lamps that nerds like.

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

There are times when working can become tiring. When this happens, nerds usually try to find other things to do while taking a break. If you can’t leave your desk during break time, then the Tetris stackable LED desk lamp is a perfect lamp for you. This will allow you to play Tetris in real life. It features seven interlocking blocks that light up when they are stacked together. Therefore, if you wish to turn off the light, all you have to do is disassemble it. That is really fun for nerds, right?

Star Wars Floor Standing Lightsaber Lamp

If you are one of those who knew they needed a Star Wars lightsaber of your own after the first time you’ve seen the movie, then this is a perfect lamp for you. This is a floor-standing lightsaber lamp that you can display in your bedroom or game room. The red LEDs feature Darth Vader’s signature saber. Flip on the three separate red LEDs, and you can now rock it Kylo Ren style. 

ReTech Steampunk Lamp

This is a unique-looking book lamp that is perfect for nerds who love to read. It features J.K. Rowling sketches and plot outlines, which provide the lamp an artistic and geeky character. There are also lots of other lamps that nerds may like by ReTech. You can also have them create a design for you. 

Super Mario Chain Chomp Lamp

This is among the most versatile lamps for nerds out there. It’s because aside from being a book lamp, this can also double as a work lamp. You can use it in many ways to light up various spaces in your home. It features a 60 lumen and 30,000 hour bulb life. It also weighs 6.5 pounds, which means it will stay in place no matter where you place it. This is a great lamp for nerds who are fans of Super Mario. 

Star Trek Glitter Lamp

This glitter lamp will surely make you lose yourself while gazing at it. It has a Star Trek theme that will make you feel like you are staring at a glittering starfield instead of a table lamp. It is among the best desk lamps for nerds who are fans of Star Trek. This galaxy in a cad features the enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation, including the unique design references of the futuristic aesthetics of the show. 

Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp

For nerds who are fans of the classic Pac-Man game, this is a really cute lamp for you. It is a great accessory that will surely add an arcade appeal to your home. It features 2 modes. One is “on,” which allows you to switch between 16 different colors. The other mode is “party,” which uses sound-activation technology to make it change colors according to the beat of the music. 

Geosphere Puzzle Lamp

We all know that nerds are into puzzles. That’s why this lamp is also perfect for them. The geosphere puzzle lamp will offer you more than just pulling a chain for it to work. It has 30 pieces of flexible, reusable white plastic that you can assemble into over 12 various styles and shapes. That is not the only nerdy part of this lamp. It’s because it also turns on and off using wireless remote control. 

LED Potion Desk Lamp

Most nerds are into gaming, particularly RPG and action-adventure games. One of the popular items in these types of games is the potion bottle. If you are also a fan of those games, then you will like this LED Potion desk lamp. It will enable you to cast light into the darkest spaces in your room or home. Also, each time you turn off this lamp, it changes colors. Another nerdy thing about it is that you can set it to fade slowly from one color to another, making the lighting experience groovier. 

Paul Heijinen’s Wooden Lamp

This is a very creative wooden lamp that is outfitted to resemble barnyard animals. It is an arthropod lighting fixture that features mechanical ingenuity. It is a three-legged lamp that features a design concept that nerds would definitely love. It is suitable for people who love things that boast alien-like intricacies. 

These are some of the lamps that nerds like. There are still many more choices out there. For nerds, as long as it is about their favorite comic, cartoon, or video game character, books, movies, and television shows, it is perfect. Nerdy lamps can surely make any space look more interesting compared to simple and regular lamps. Therefore, if you want to make your bedroom, game room, or office more fun and motivating, try to find lamps that will give pleasure to the geek in you.