Ultimate Guide to Decorating with Flamingos

Decorating your home, particularly the yard, is one of the best things to do. Today, there are many different things that you can use to upgrade the look of your space. You can use cool lightings, fun paintings, unique figurines, and more. But in the United States, there is one popular home décor or lawn ornament, which is the pink plastic flamingo. It is as popular as the garden gnome. 

The pink flamingo lawn ornament was originally designed by Don Featherstone in 1957, and the very first one was named Diego. It eventually became a pop culture icon which gave Don Featherstone the Ig Nobel Prize for Art in 1996. In 1972, there was a movie called Pink Flamingos, which made plastic flamingos the stereotypical example of lawn kitsch. 

At the present time, flamingo decorations are no longer limited to be used in decorating lawns and outdoor spaces. It’s because there are now many different home decorations that are inspired by flamingos. If you are interested to learn more about them, read on as we’re giving you the ultimate guide to decorating with flamingos. 

Decorate Your Yard with Flamingos

After Don Featherstone created the plastic pink flamingo back in 1957, his creations have adorned many yards in the United States. However, these decorations’ popularity eventually faded and started to become a symbol of tackiness. 

Today, plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments are not so much tacky as it is beloved iconic kitsch. In fact, a splendor of pink flamingos graced the dramatic opening credits of Miami Vice. That’s why today, many people are still decorating their yards with the plastic pink flamingo. If you are thinking of getting one or a few pieces, there are many places that you can buy from online and offline. 

Make Your Bar Look Brighter with Flamingos

If you find your bar at home plain and boring and you want to brighten it up, flamingos are great decoration options. Decorating your bar with flamingos will give it a tropical and happy beach atmosphere. You can get a pink flamingo painting or poster that you can display behind the bar, and as well as flamingo figurines that will look good on the bar counter. This will make your bar at home look more inviting and fun to hang out at. 

Flamingos in the Kitchen

There are many different kitchen items out there that you can find which feature flamingo designs. These may include plates, mugs, paper towels, rugs, and more. Incorporating these items into your kitchen will help make it look cozier, especially if your kitchen is plain, serious, or buttoned-up. You can also use placemats, table centerpieces, and table runners that are flamingo-themed. This is a great idea, especially during the summer season or whenever you want to feel like you’re in the tropical area when you cook and prepare meals. 

Living Room Flamingos

pink flamingo living room décor

Flamingo decorations can also turn your living room into a colorful space. You can display a large pink flamingo painting or maybe use flamingo-themed throw pillow covers. You can also put some flamingo-inspired vases or figurines on the table. These items are sure conversation starters when you have visitors. You can match these decorations with plants and other tropical-themed decorations to make your living room look more like a vacation spot. 

Flamingo Decoration in the Bedrooms

pink flamingos bedroom décor

If you’re really a fan of flamingos, then you can have an accent wall in your bedroom be covered with a flamingo-designed wallpaper. There are lots of charming wallpapers out there that are not overpowering. You just need to pick out a good color that will match the ambiance of your bedroom. If you do not like wallpapers, then you can also hang some posters or paintings of flamingos. If you prefer using a night light when you sleep, there are flamingo-themed lights available in stores and online that you can use. 

In addition to these, you can also use flamingo-themed bed covers or pillow covers, or maybe find a flamingo stuffed toy to decorate your bed. You can match these with a pink or white carpet, too. These will make your room look cozier and more appealing.

Decorate Your Bathroom with Flamingos

There are also lots of ways on how you can decorate your bathroom with flamingos. You can use simple but useful items, such as flamingo-themed towels, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and more. If you use a shower curtain, you can change it into one that has a flamingo design. You can also add a flamingo-themed rug in the bathroom, which you can use after taking a bath. You can accentuate these decorations by adding some small, potted plants. Also, if you have space on the walls, you can also hang small flamingo posters or paintings. 

Create a Flamingo-Inspired Porch

If you have a sunporch or indoor/outdoor space, you can roll out a flamingo rug on it. Try to pick a colorful one that will give the are a tropical cheer. It is also great if you can pick a more durable one to withstand the traffic in that area. You can also decorate the chairs on your porch with flamingo-printed throw pillows. Match these decorations with flowering plants to add more tropical vibes to the space. 

Pool Area Flamingos

pink flamingo inflatable on swimming pool

If you have a swimming pool at home, pink flamingos are perfect decorations. You can add some plastic pink flamingo ornaments by the side of the pool. It’s better if you have plants around, too. Then, get a giant pink flamingo pool floater to decorate your swimming pool. You can also use it to relax when you are tired of swimming.


These are some of the best ideas that we can give when it comes to decorating with flamingos. It is indeed a wonderful idea to incorporate flamingos in your home décor, especially if you want to achieve a tropical and summer vibe even when you are just at home. We hope this article helps you get some ideas on how to decorate with pink flamingos. If you need more ideas and product recommendations, you can also read our post about Decorating with Pink Flamingos.

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