Hawaiian Decor Ideas For a Teenager’s Bedroom

A bedroom is a comfort zone for everyone, a place where we can relax, sleep, chill and be comfortable in general. Especially when it comes to teenagers, they are very emotionally attached to their en-suite. It is more than just a place to sleep and relax for them. A teenage bedroom is basically a source of escape for them from all the Worldly demands and grown-up rules. It is a spot where they can express themselves fully without the fear of being judged, and that is why they love to be in their rooms most of the time. 

Why is Teenager Bedroom Décor Given Much Importance?


There are so many factors that will explain the importance of a well-decorated bedroom in a young adult’s life, and of course for parents as well because you wouldn’t want your kiddo to get upset or distant from you. Would you?

  • The first factor is already explained earlier. Teenager’s bedroom means a lot to them because they can be themselves. Also, it is a place where they forget all the stressful things happening outside their den. A colourful and lively bedroom decor can instantly lift their mood in those times of solitude and leave a pleasant effect on the environment.
  • A room decor reveals a lot about someone’s personality, taste and aesthetic sense. Imagine your child has invited his friends at your home, and they are interested in staying in the bedroom rather sitting in lounge area. Guess what? Next morning your kid’s bedroom decor is the topic of the whole classroom. Pump blood already? 
  • In today’s world of social media, teenagers love to upload their life happenings on different platforms, like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. For that, their backdrop should look cool, and a great bedroom decor will serve the purpose! Who doesn’t want to flaunt their happy place if it’s praise-worthy?

No matter what size it is, bedroom of a teenager has to be versatile in terms of furnishing, decor and overall environment so that they can spread out, hangout with mates, complete their homework, Netflix and chill. However, choosing the right theme for bedroom decor is not really an easy task. Usually, teens prefer vibrant, tropical and colourful items around them. If your kiddo also has similar taste; Hawaiian-inspired room decoration can definitely be an ideal choice in that case. 

Top 3 Hawaiian inspired bedroom decor ideas for teens

Have a look at our top three picks

1. Island Paradise – Soothing and Serene

Imagine standing on the famous Oahu Island and dreaming to live there forever. Just think about the serenity of crystal clear water washing over the soft sand just beneath your feet. Now can you feel the joy of a teenager by creating such an ambiance inside their bedrooms?


To make your teenager’s room a living paradise; choose bright blues and calm greens to paint the walls. Adorn the windows with some light-colored airy curtains to give more of a breezy island feel. However, make sure to keep the rest of the furniture and wallpaper subtle, despite the playful colors. This will help in keeping the vibes soothing instead of too vibrant. 

You can also keep floral-printed floor cushions right beside a book shelf to complement the look of the entire room. Moreover, placing some beautiful green indoor plants at the corners of the space will add to the freshness and provide an overall tropical look. Once you’re done with these tasks, next step is to buy  furniture, and natural wood furnishing will definitely compliment the whole appearance.

2. Beach-Inspired Oasis – Cheery and Lively


If not an island, the beach is definite to give you some peace of mind on a hectic day. Isn’t it? If you’re nodding your head as a ‘yes’, then a beach-inspired oasis is just what you should create for your kiddo’s bedroom! 

When going for a beach-themed room, you have the opportunity to practice your creative skills by doing cool DIY projects using seashells and other items. For instance, you can make a seashell curtain hanging for the entrance of the bedroom, or create some wall art using pebbles and artificial plants. This will help in creating a lively vibe amidst your teen’s private retreat.

Nonetheless, it is best to opt for weathered-wood furniture pieces, tropical and marine-inspired prints for bed sheets along with classy glass art for wall décor. Also, keep cushions with plant patterns, wall frames with pineapple prints, or maybe palm trees, and thrown a vibrant-colored rug right in the centre of the room. 

plant patterns

Choosing the wall paint can be the trickiest part of all. You need to ensure that everything in the bedroom complements each other including the color. Hence, it’s a great idea to go for bold hues for the walls in order to balance out the overall simplistic decor. Moreover, adding some indoor plants won’t disappoint you while seeking décor inspiration straight from Hawaii. 

3. Black and White – Evergreen Aesthetic Appeal


If you wish to transform your teen’s bedroom decor and re-design it using inexpensively yet aesthetic ideas; this theme won’t fail you. The best part is that; you can conveniently execute it without spending tons of money. The classic black and white theme, with a bit of Hawaii here and there, is bound to captivate your teenager with its sophistication. No other color is more timeless than black and white, hence making it a fool-proof choice for the bedroom décor.


Now, coming to setting up the theme, begin by giving the walls a whitewash. Give the floor a rustic look by installing wooden tiles and then bring in retro furniture to further spice up the space. Also, don’t forget to add some vintage, rustic decorations to let your teen enjoy some funk amidst the elegance. Next, a Hawaiian-inspired wallpaper on only one wall can serve as an exemplary backdrop to hang minimal wall decors. 

Nevertheless, you can vamp up the space a bit more by up adding a few island-scented candles and brightly colored pillows and blankets. Lastly, to enhance the ambiance with a touch of warmth, install some dim lighting and decorate the side table with succulents. Furthermore, adding a couple of large indoor palm plants will freshen up the room literally and aesthetically. These cut prints are also a unique gift idea for a 13 year old girl’s birthday

Bottom Line

Home/room décor is never an easy task. It requires a lot of creative and brainy ideas that depict your aesthetic sense. However, little touch of Hawaiian-inspired décor can never fail to bring some spice of paradise in your room. Especially when it is about recreating your teen’s room, adding some island vibes to their interior can never go wrong! You can go for smaller tropical-theme decoration pieces, bedding set, cushions and paintings, if you want to keep it light and minimum. On a bigger scale, adding wall arts, plants, painting walls, installing relevant furnishing can instantly give a boom to your room! 

Don’t forget to ask your young adults about their choices and preferences regarding room décor because after all they are the one who are going to stay in that place.