Themed Decor Ideas for a Kid’s Room

What did your room look like when you were younger? Did it have a specific theme? Or were you stuck in a dull box in a world full of imagination? A kid’s room is more than just a bunch of random items allocated in one space. It needs a touch to trigger the inner personality of a child as they mature.

Plush toys on top of a white bed.

Kid’s rooms these days have a different approach. They are more inclined towards the elements of creativity, vibrancy, and innovation. People invest a lot of time in making the right choice for their kid’s bedrooms.

brown bear plush toy. 

The kid’s room needs to have a theme to circle the same concept rather than create chaos of different imaginative ideas. Putting all ideas in one can be drastic, so themes can be changed from time to time as they grow. 

Following are the different themes that you can play around with when decorating your child’s bedroom.  

Boho chic 

Plush toys kept on a bohemian-style bed. 

The bohemian theme is for the free spirits depicting different ideas in one space. This is a free-style room where experiments with different items can be done.  So this theme is suitable for kids who march to the beat of a different drum in their own way. 

Bohemian is all about coziness and experimenting with different items in a particular space. 

Since bohemian style incorporates low-level seating, a canopied sofa convertible can be added for daydreaming while the walls can be washed with chic pink color. Contrasting floor pillows can also be thrown in a corner to give them a relaxing touch. 

Monkey plush kept on a Bohemian room filled with texture.

Texture can be added by including vibrant baskets, blankets, storage units, rugs, and wall hangings. Try putting contrasting shapes and materials together until it feels right. 

Plants can be added to give a more natural vibe with a wide window that pours in the sunlight. 

Jungle book

Giraffe plush toy with other toys in the background. 

We have all grow up watching and learning about the jungle but have you ever thought about bringing one into a room. Adding a natural habitat into your child’s room can be an innovative way to teach them more about it. 

There is no compelling reason to change the entire room. You can set some wilderness-themed paintings or murals to replicate the surroundings with that of a jungle.

Huge jungle-themed stuffed toys and creatures can be set in a room to give it a more wildlife sense. Grass-like fluffy rugs can be spread across the floor. 

Tiny panda plush toy surrounded with fairy lights. 

Ropes can be attached across the room to give it a Tarzan vibe. Storage baskets can be hanged on the barks of painted prop trees. 

Forest-themed animal plush toys. 

Sprinkle the room with green, yellow, and brownish hues to give it forest freshness. This theme will expand their horizons and provide them with the opportunity to explore beyond their bedroom. 

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Space room

Purple and black galaxy illustration. 

A space-inspired room can be yet another intriguing theme that takes you on a ride to the world beyond. This theme revolves around the solar system and the galaxies that it incorporates. 

A spaceship-themed bed can be placed in the middle, while the walls can be painted with dark galaxy colors. 

Decorations can be added to give it a dynamic look. These include a telescope standing by the window, planet ornaments, rocket shaped storage units, and galaxy wallpapers. 

The ceiling can be covered with glow-in-the-dark constellations to give it a more outer space vibe. Or hanging lamps can be used to create different planets attached to the ceiling. 

Having a space-themed room will unleash the inner explorer in your child and urge them to learn more about it creatively. 


White and pink unicorn plush on a bed. 

Do you believe in unicorns? People believe in the existence of a sweet sparkly white pony that has a horn between its eyes. This mythical creature is not only famous among kids but also adults. 

In order to create a mystical wonderland, you need to include the following:

Sparkles and glitter can be used to carve a unicorn horn on the white-washed walls so that the shape stands out. 

Unicorn-driven carriage beds can be used to create dreamy and comfortable bedding for the kids to ride high in their dreams. 

Vibrant rainbow colors can be included in the form of rugs or bedding. Canopy can be made out of the unicorn horn crown just above the bed. 

A huge unicorn plush can be kept as a floor cushion so the kids can ride it while having comfortable seating of their own. 

Kids usually prefer a more vibrant space, so bright blue and purple colors can be used to make the room look catchier. 

Prop of a unicorn with a golden horn. 

Rainbows and unicorns are an ideal blend and the perfect mix since the two of them emit sensations of satisfaction! With most unicorns have white fur, a multi-shaded mane or crown adds a hint of shading and energy, making this room completely enchanted.

Lego Land

It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to create your own Lego land-themed room for your kids. It is just the right amount of vibrant and exciting for the kids. 

Walls can be colored in bright blue, red, yellow, and green. If you plan to go with one colored wall, you can fill the rest with Lego wall stickers. 

A shelf can be dedicated to the Lego pieces that can lower the risk of losing them. Also, it can be a good way to show off the collection of Lego pieces. 

Bed structures can be made out of huge Lego blocks stacked to create fun bedding for the kids. Cubicle Lego blocks can also be used as side tables. 

Lego blocks can also be utilized as colorful storage units, and this will encourage kids to tidy up after they are done playing. Filling the storage units with items can be yet another game for them. 

To take the game to the next level, one can create a Lego wall where the Legos can fit in one wall with different shapes. This way, you won’t have to worry about storing Legos, and it will give out an aesthetic appeal. 

Under the Sea

Orange and white fishes swimming around in water. 

Who hasn’t seen Finding Nemo? Kids usually take inspiration from the animated movies they watch. Turning these themes into reality is not very difficult if you are looking through a child’s mind. 

Shoal of fish. 

The bed can take the shape of a boat, while the fluffy rug beneath can be deep blue depicting the sea. 

Plush toy of Nemo.

Water tubes can be placed on the floor to make low-level seating, while the walls can be painted with water bubbles. Stuff toys of characters like Nemo, sharks, and dory can also be placed as floor cushions. 

Walls can also be colored in orange and white stripes to give it a more Nemo touch. Curtains can be of sea colors, so kids can get an under the sea vibe every time the curtains are drawn.

Brown wooden barrel lot. 

Barrels can be transformed into tiny tables for the kids to study. 


It is essential to paint the kid’s room with different themes so that they can think out of the box. It will enhance not only their sense of imagination but also their creativity. They can have an imaginative world of their own to improve their sense of responsibility and independence. 

These themes will make them want to know more about it as they mature.  Therefore, giving your kids a themed room can ignite many questions that they will later in life seek answers to. 

So this was all about decorating a kid’s room. If you’re interested in making over your teenager’s bedroom, do check out our guide Hawaiian Decor Ideas For a Teenager’s Bedroom