Hawaiian Décor Crafting Ideas for Kids

Imagine yourself amidst tropical surroundings in cold and chilly days. Soothing! The great news is that; you can now create such environment at your home by giving it a tropical touch through décor. If you are someone who admires beauty of the island, beach and nature, then Hawaiian home décor is a considerable choice for you! It includes a wide range of colors, from bright and shocking to light and soft. Hence, decorating a home is not that difficult with so much option at hand, but choosing a right theme for a kid’s room can be the real challenge! Especially if you plan to keep a uniform theme throughout the house, then it won’t be easy at all.

Things To Consider For Kid’s Room Décor

  • First things first, you should set a budget so that you can choose options that don’t cost you more than required. 
  • Secondly, specify the space you are going to use for kid’s bedroom. 
  • If you have larger room, then there is a lot you can do with that area. However, it is tricky at the same time as well because large space would require a heavy budget, and unique ideas so that it doesn’t look overdone or underdone. 
  • For small space, you have to look for space-sufficient and storage-friendly ideas.
  • Kids are more attracted towards bright colors and vibrant patterns. If you agree to the statement, then you can opt for Hawaiian-inspired décor for them. However, every kid is different, and parents know the taste of their children better so decorate their bedroom accordingly.
  • If you don’t want to overdo the room for your little ones, then you can just add some life to it by just painting the main wall or by including some colorful and lively cushions, curtains or bedsheets, etc.

DIY Crafting Ideas For Incorporating  Hawaiian Theme Into Kid’s Rooms


Are you tight on budget and don’t want to spend too much on a kids bedroom décor? Then the below-mentioned Hawaiian-inspired ideas will definitely fascinate you. The great thing is that you can make your kids help you décor their happy place. Moreover, engaging kids in Hawaiian theme décor is sure to spark up their interest because of the fun elements and vibrant color it involves. Here are the coolest crafting ideas that you can try out with your little ones, and they are sure to love them. Guaranteed!

  • Paper Flower Strands 


This one is a super-hit with kids and adults alike. It involves cutting and putting together colorful paper flowers and then hanging them in the bedroom or terrace to add some Hawaiian vibes. Besides, the only crafting materials you need for making multiple flower strands include colorful construction paper, plastic straws, and yarn/string.


  • Create a flower pattern on thick paper or cardboard and use it as a stencil to cut on flower shapes from the colorful paper sheets.
  • By using a punching machine, or sharp edge of a knife, make a hole in the center of the flowers.
  • Snip the yarn or string in a length that is ideal for the flower strands, then lock one end by taping around it.
  • Cut one inch pieces from the plastic straws. Now string in two to three flowers and then insert the cut straw. Repeat this procedure until desired length is reached.
  • In the end, tie a knot to prevent the flowers from slipping off when hung. Also, bend the flowers in opposite directions so that they spread out instead of overlapping each other.
  • Hawaiian Grass Table Décor

Do you have lots of used wrapping paper lying around? How about recycling it into Hawaiian-inspired grass cutouts to adorn around the borders of your desk or dining table? Doing so will not only spark interest of your kids but will also help in teaching them the concept of recycling and repurposing. Not all hobbies have to be expensive after all! You can also use other material for this craft, such as party streamers, plastic tablecloths, etc.

Other supplies you’ll need to make Hawaiian grass décor are scissors, glue, tape and a Jute string. Once you have these ready, get straight to work by following these simple step-by-step instructions:

  • Wrap the elastic around the table ends and snip it off according to the size you want. However, make sure to leave a few inches free so as to easily tie or tape the string easily once it’s done. 
  • Take the Wrapping paper, party streamer, or table cloth and cut 1 to 2 inches wide strands length wise. At this point, you can decide how long you want the Hawaiian grass decor to be.
  • Now, tape of glue the strands on the elastic band you had previously cut. If you feel that adding more strands will make the grassy decor look prettier, repeat the process until you reach an outcome that satisfies your liking.
  • Lastly, tape the décor around the table, or even your bed or window sill. Now, tie it from the back or attach Velcro for closure. This one creates a Hawaiian-themed ambiance perfectly!
  • Ocean Wind Chime


Who doesn’t like a pretty décor? Even kids do! Therefore, an ocean wind chime sounds like the perfect craft that you can enjoy with your children. Imagine the moment of pride your little one is likely to feel every time their craftwork chimes on the entrance of room. 

To make an ocean wind chime, you will mainly need sea shells, a Bristol board or thick card sheet, string, pipe cleaner, markers or crayons, and a glue gun. This is how you make it:

  • From your sea shell stash, pick out a handful of your favorite ones. You can paint them to make your chime more colorful, or let them be in their natural state.
  • Cut out a piece of string for each of the shells and glue them on firmly.
  • Next, cut the Bristol board as a thick strip and unleash your art skills to draw a summery theme on it, such as a beach, pineapples and garlands or sea animals.
  • Bend the board into a circle and glue the ends together before punching a hole on the tops ends.
  • Thread a pipe cleaner through these holes and twist to lock it in place. This will facilitate you in hanging your ocean wind chime anywhere. 
  • Now, glue each sea shell string inside the bottom half of the Bristol board or punch holes and tie them up individually. All done!

Bottom Line

A bedroom is a happy place for everyone where we can do whatever our heart desire without any external interference. So why shouldn’t your happy place look pleasant and happy in appearance too? This can be possible if your room is decorated according to your taste and aesthetic sense. Being an adult, it is easier to choose a desirable decorative theme, but the ever-changing choices of kids make it difficult for parents to select a theme for their room. However, you can encourage them to be a part of the process by creating some crafts they like. This way, they will get emotionally attached to their rooms more than ever. Which one of the above-mentioned Hawaiian theme crafts would you like to try out?