Incorporating Traditional Hawaiian Decor In a Modern Home

Earlier people used to swoon over immaculately decorated and furnished homes in magazines. However, these days the temptation is hard to resist when you see people with beautifully decorated homes not only on magazines, television and social media, but in reality as well! Moreover, the on-going Covid pandemic and the need to stay at home have influenced people to make their living space look modern and comfortable. Besides, every year experts come up with new décor trends, color palettes, lighting, textures, patterns, fabric, furniture and even lighting so that you can choose the best for your homes from a vast variety. 

One such trend that is making its way to the top décor-related magazines and websites is the ‘Hawaiian décor‘. Despite having traditional elements of design and decoration; the Hawaiian decor trend encapsulates a very contemporary look when done right, and it gives a very lively and refreshing feel to the modern homes. 

What is Hawaiian Home Décor?

Hawaiian décor is all about keeping it tropical through colors, décor elements and unique patterns. For modern homes to channel that island vibe; people opt to add furniture that is made of cane, bamboo and rattan. This décor style consists a lot of colors, including greens, blue, pinks, reds, orange and even yellow. Hence, it is the best choice for those who love to bring nature into their homes.

5 Ways To Give Your Homes a Hawaiian Touch

Hawaiian décor is all about the love for tropical, beachy and energetic kind of vibe. It is versatile, funky, elegant, lively and everything in between. Mentioned below are the top 5 ways to give your homes a Hawaiian touch effortlessly. Read on and follow through! 

  • Choose a Right Color Palette


The best thing about Hawaiian décor is that, you take inspiration from nature and the colors can be cheery bright as well as light and calming. So, you can choose what suits your taste and choice the best. 

However, in order to build consistency throughout your home; try not to go with a different color palette for different parts of your living space. Instead, you can opt for one color theme to give a symmetrical look and to create a cohesive color scheme throughout. In case of light-colored walls, the whole mood of your space can be uplifted by adding a bit of bright pink, oranges, red and bright green accents. Similarly, if your walls are painted bright, then the rest of the look can be balanced out through lighter elements. The good thing is that; you can play with colors as much as you want while incorporating a Hawaiian décor into your modern home. 

  • Adding Elements and Accents


This trend is all about adding character and life through accents and elements. The choice is unlimited; from sheer curtains to tropical cushions and floral print bedsheets. Moreover, solid colored bedding can be amped up with the combination of vibrant colored cushions and lamps. You can go with other relevant décor elements as well, like adding an aloha sign, a surfboard, coconut or seashells, dream catchers or bamboo fixtures. Also, you can put sarongs of vibrant prints as throws if the rest of the textile is plain. For a more modernistic charm, you can play around with textures and furnishings.

In short, simple but modern beach items can be used to transform the entire motif of a space! 

Role of Furniture 

living room

Furniture is something that can add character and feel to your entire décor. If the rest of the theme is more towards modern aesthetic, then the furniture can have a bit more of traditional Hawaiian components through wood and bamboo. However, if you are aiming for a more modern or high-end design scheme, then your choice of furniture should include more iron and metals with an antique finish to them. Whatever you choose, just make sure that your furniture compliments the whole look rather overdoing or underdoing it. Select wisely! 

Adding Greens in Form of Plants


Plants can never go wrong with any home-adornment setting! Whichever décor trend you are following, it is always a great idea to add more value to it through natural plants and not just decorative items and furniture. Since Hawaii is famous for its flora and fauna; there is more room for you to add a close-to-nature feel through indoor and outdoor plants. You can add more greenery through plants, like monstera, Hawaiian hibiscus, plumeria, orchids and grass.

Barkcloth and Tropical Leaf Motif

Another way to incorporate Hawaiian décor theme into your homes is by investing in prints and pattern that can make the whole space lively without much ado. Barkcloth is an example for you! It is a woven cotton and textured fabric which comes from Asia and Africa. In the 1930s, it became popular and since then barkcloth has an important place in tropical regions globally. You can either use it as an upholstery fabric, curtains, cushion covers and bedcovers too. Basically, barkcloth is a great choice for those who love the Hawaiian theme but don’t want to overdo it or don’t have a fat budget. 

sofaAnother example is tropical leaf motifs. You get a lot of variety in this category, from fan palm leaves to banana leaves to areca palm leaves. In short, you can go for a lot exotic leaf motif to add color, life and tropical feel to your entire décor. 

What Should Be Avoided?

  • A good rule of thumb is do not go overboard with the entire look. 
  • For modern homes, less is always more. Do not make your living space look crowded with too much of everything. 
  • Attention to small detailing is important but a little too much of attention can completely ruin the look and make it appear forced rather than natural. 
  • Keep the setting noticeable but subtle through a fine balance between colors, patterns, prints, and decorative elements. 
  • If you are opting for a vibrant base color, it is suggested to combine it with a softer effect through upholstery and furniture. Similarly, if you choose a softer base, you can reinforce a brighter theme by adding fun patterns and lively colors through textiles. 
  • The rule to remember is; even if it is a traditional décor theme that brings out a beachy, fun and adventurous vibe; it should still have a calming and relaxing effect to it.


To incorporate the traditional Hawaiian or just about any décor into modern homes, it is very important to have the right kind of inspiration. You just cannot recreate everything you see and like on Pinterest. Start with a mood board first and then gradually keep advancing by taking small steps.

It is a great idea to ask for other family member’s suggestion because after all they are also going to share the space with you. The best thing is that, Hawaiian décor is versatile as it has something for everyone. No matter if you like funky vibes or interested in light colors; everyone can opt for a different décor pallet for their rooms without disturbing the main theme of the house.