Ideas for Building Gigantic Water Rocket Launchers

Building water rocket launchers is a fun and educational activity. It’s very easy to do as well. It is also one of the best projects during science fairs, festivals, and contests. Today, many people already know how to create a simple water rocket launcher. But if you’re looking for a more challenging way of building one, or if you’re thinking of bringing it to the next level, why not try creating a giant one? It will be more amazing to watch a gigantic water rocket launch into the air.

There are many inspirations you can find about building giant water rocket launchers. There are some who tried it and they shared their projects online. If you’re planning to build your own gigantic water rocket launcher, here are some ideas we found which might help you.

Huge Water Rocket by Raketfued Rockets

Raketfued Rockets is a channel in YouTube which shares instructions and ideas about water rocket launchers. In their channel, they shared five instructional videos which include the steps on how to build a huge water rocket. The water rocket they’ve built was two meters large.

The first video they shared is about creating the pressure vessel segments of the water rocket while the second video is about the construction of the launcher and the nozzle. In the third video, they showed the pressure testing and the assembly of the pressure vessel. The fourth video contains the instructions on how to create the parachute mechanism for the water rocket. They call the parachute Phoenix 5. The fifth video, which is the last one, is all about the preparations and the safety measures needed before launching the water rocket. Based on the video, it’s better to launch the huge rocket in a wide space away from houses, roads, trees, and electrical wires.

Aside from the videos containing the instructions, they also shared the steps in the Instructables website. There, you can find the list of the materials needed, as well as the detailed instructions for each step.

The Big 2-Stage Water Rocket by Air Command Rockets

Air Command Water Rockets is a small team in Australia which builds and launches water rockets. They have this project called the 2-stage water rocket that they launched to 864 feet. They shared in their YouTube channel the video of the successful launching of the big 2-stage water rocket launcher.

The Polaron G2

Aside from the 2-stage water rocket, the Air Command Water Rockets team also have the Polaron G2 which is a big water rocket with boosters. Its development took them several years. The video of its launching is also on their YouTube channel. You can know more about how they developed the Polaron G2 on their website. They posted there the details on how they created it including the dates to show you how long it took. There are also a lot of photos for each date. You might get lots of ideas from them on how you’ll be able to create your own gigantic water rocket launcher.

Make a Huge Water Rocket by Splicing Bottles Together

This idea is from US Water Rockets. In their YouTube channel, they shared a video on how to make a huge water bottle rocket. The idea is to join multiple water bottles together using their Slip Joint Splicing Technique. It is a method of joining bottles to create strong and attractive joints easier compared to the traditional splicing techniques that include unnecessary steps.

You can also find a step by step tutorial for this huge water rocket on their website. They’ve listed there all the materials needed and they posted some photos on each step as well for clearer instructions.

Building a gigantic water rocket launcher will require more effort and time from you, but the fun it will give you can also be greater than the fun you get from building and launching a normal water bottle rocket. You can also invite more friends or family members to help you out in building one. Aside from being an educational activity, building a gigantic water rocket launcher is also a great bonding activity.

We hope the projects we shared gave you an idea and provided your inspiration on how you can build your own gigantic water rocket launcher. Once you’ve created your own, do not hesitate to share some details about it as well.