Ideas for Creating a Water Rocket Launcher Contest

One of the best ways to show off your water rocket launcher is by joining contests whether in your class or in your community. But if you can’t find a contest to join in, why not create your own? You can think of different water rocket launcher contests and invite your friends and family to join.

There are lots of concepts for a water rocket launcher contest. If you’re planning to organize your own water rocket launcher contest and you need help on coming up with ideas, here are some concepts that may help you.

Water Rocket Contest

The Tallest Rocket that Flies the Highest: In this contest, you will ask the participants to create the tallest 2-liter water rocket launcher and the one who has the tallest water rocket which flies the highest will win. When creating a contest, it’s also important to set some rules so it will be fair for everyone.

For this concept, the rules can be:

  • No metals should be used on any part of the rocket.
  • Use only two-liter bottles.
  • The water bottles will be launched with a pressure of 50 psi.
  • A minimum of 100 ml of water is allowed for each water bottle at launch.

These are just simple rules and it’s up to you to change them or add more. The rules can also depend on the age bracket of the participants in your contest, as well as the location or where the contest would be held.

The Longest Time in The Air: In this contest, the participant who could design a water rocket which can stay the longest time in the air will win.

The rules you can set for this contest are:

  • No metal is allowed on any rocket.
  • There should be a parachute recovery system for each water rocket.
  • All water rockets will be launched at 50 psi.
  • The time in the air will be measured from the launch, once the main body of the rocket stops descending.

You can also combine the categories. For example, the participant with the tallest water rocket that flies the highest and stays the longest time in the air will be the overall grand winner. Aside from these categories, you can also try, the biggest water rocket launcher, the smallest water rocket launcher, the fastest water rocket launcher, and more.

You can also divide the contest into levels such as easy and expert. In the easy level, the participants will be asked to create simple water rockets, and for the expert level, they will be asked to create more complex water rockets.

Have Specific Participants

It’s also a good idea to create a contest for specific participants. For example, your first water rocket launcher contest can be for kids with the age of 10 and up. You can also set up a contest for dads, for teens, or for families as well. This way, creating the criteria and coming up with rules will be easier.

Ensure Safety

The goal of your contest should be to learn and have fun. Therefore, you need to think of everyone’s safety when planning about it. This is the reason why you need to set specific rules that everyone should follow. If kids would be the participants, make sure that there is still adult supervision.

Launch and Landing Area

Since it’s going to be a water rocket launcher contest, make sure to choose a spacious place away from houses, roads, trees, and electrical wires. Most of the similar contests are held in fields far from establishments to avoid accidents. If it will be a contest for your community or for a school, make sure to talk with the people in-charge first before starting the contest.

Awards and Prizes

Aside from awarding the winner, you can also give awards to other participants like having runner ups. You can also come up with different awards such as the coolest water rocket design or the most unique water rocket launcher.

Another fun and exciting thing about contests are receiving prizes. When you create your water rocket launcher contest, make sure to come up with cool and promising prizes. It can be parts of a water rocket launcher, or maybe a new water rocket launcher kit for the winner. Cash prizes, trophies, certificates, and medals can be great, too.

We hope these ideas will help you in creating a water rocket launcher contest. Just keep in mind that the most important part of a contest is, everyone should learn and have fun.

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