Organizing a Teen Birthday Party When You Cannot Leave the House

It feels like there is not much to do to hold a party when you are stuck in the house for days. However, you do not have to push your teen birthday party because there are plenty of ways to make do with what is available.

When you can’t leave the house, the easiest way to have a party is through a video conference. Teens hold chats on zoom, Discord, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts. According to DJ Maasha from Los Angeles, teens can use these same platforms to hold a party. All the party-goers get notifications of time, platform, and dress code. Each attendee will eat a snack while the birthday boy or girl gets their cake.

All parents that are looking for the perfect gift for your teen boy or girl need to do is choose a safe platform for the party. Other ways to celebrate include:

1. Drive-By Party – Here, the friends of the boy or girl having a party can drive by the house as they honk, wave, and shout “happy birthday.” They can also ride bikes with flying tags are written, “Happy birthday.”

2. Game Party – Gaming parties, are great as kids do not have to leave the house. Games such as Fortnite and Minecraft come in handy, allowing birthday kids to stay in touch with their friends as they compete on a game.

3. Movie Party – If there is a new movie release, the birthday kid and their friends can have a movie party where they watch a movie together as they chat on FaceTime. Today, kids can even use the Netflix Party feature which allows them to watch a movie as they chat.

4. Live DJ Concert – So many DJs are available to hold online birthday parties for teens and everyone else. The birthday boy or girl and the friends can dance to the party songs. You can see the list of virtual concerts on Billboard at any time.

5. Tiktok Party – Tik Tok allows users to create short videos for the birthday teen. Friends and family members can create videos and post them on the platform with a hashtag. When everyone joins in on the challenge, the birthday turns out great.

6. Family camp out – If the teen loves camping, a family camp in the backyard might be a great idea. You can make barbecue, burgers, s’mores, and sit all night telling stories.

7. Dance Party – This is a virtual dance party where the teen and their friends create a playlist of songs they love before the party. They can then hold a zoom party and dance to the songs.

8. Spa Night – The birthday girl can hold a virtual party where everyone does their facials, colors their hair, and do makeup as they chat.

9. All-About-The-Party-Teen – There are so many things party-goers can do online, and the birthday teen can choose what they want to do. You can let them create a list of items that may interest them, whether dance, sing-alongs, games, or much more. Whatever they choose, the parent can get everything set and invite friends on Zoom.