Things You Should and Should Not Pack While Moving To another Place

When you’re planning on moving, you need to be cautious of what you’re putting away. You wouldn’t want to accidentally pack your keys and arrive at your new house with no keys at hand. So while you’re packing, it’s essential to know what goes in boxes and what doesn’t. Not everything will go with a mover.

It would help if you kept some things with you. Moving can get very hectic, and if you don’t have a clear plan, it can get worse than wild. Even when you’re asking for help, make sure you know what you want and how. So as you sit through the process of packing, here’s what you need to do:

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What Do I Pack?

If you have boxes ready to get filled, you need to know what goes in them. A basic rule of thumb is anything that you need in your new house gets packed. That means items you’ll use every day get packed. So here’s what you need to put in boxes:

1. Furniture That You Can Assemble

Furniture that you assemble needs to go into boxes. It will help if you put screws and other assembling tools together. These furniture pieces can be whole sets or part of a set. So as you’re moving to your new place, all stackable furniture goes into boxes. Please don’t attempt to move furniture while it’s fully intact, or you will risk structural damage or even lose one of the assembling parts.

2. Clothing

If you have too much clothing, it’s a good idea to look into storage units in your new location. For instance, if you’re moving to Fort Worth in Texas, you can Google ‘self storage units Bonds Ranch Fort Worth near me’ and book an optimum spot for yourself. The purpose of storage units is to help you unpack your house in a more organized fashion. So investing in a storage unit, you can separate your winter clothing from summer clothing. You can also store clothes that you occasionally wear instead of packing everything all together.

3. Glassware

All glassware that you plan on taking needs to be packed. These are glasses, dishes, and even decoration pieces made of glass. The process of packing these items involves you using styrofoam or towels to put in between each item. Pieces of glass are delicate, and if you rattle it even slightly hard, it starts cracking. You wouldn’t want to reach your new place with broken glass to deal with. You also can’t carry the glass in your hands, so it’s best if you pack them properly.

4. Paintings

You can’t carry paintings in a box, the best way to move them is by packing them. If your house has many paintings, you may want to figure out a packing system. The best way is to wrap paintings separately and make the package as thick as possible. Paintings are on canvas. It doesn’t take much to damage the canvas, so make sure you know how to cushion the blow. You can do the same with frames. Pack them all individually with thick cushioning.

5. Household Groceries

If you have groceries that you don’t need to eat, such as toilet paper, brushes, and even sponges, pack them. The same goes for any chemicals. Anything that’s dry and won’t contaminate in the moving process goes in the boxes. If you don’t know what groceries go into boxes, ensure nothing that can leak or rot. Moving takes time, and sometimes delays occur. So don’t assume that your perishable items can survive.

What Shouldn’t You Pack?

Packing implies that these items will go with the moving truck. But there may be few things you’ll have to shoulder and keep away from the truck. These items are of high importance or risky to take far, so transporting them requires attention. Here’s what doesn’t need packing; instead, keep them on you:

1. House Cleaning Products

It would help if you never tried packing cleaning products into boxes. These chemicals need a specific temperature and condition for storage. So keeping them behind moving trucks where they can get crushed or exposed to high temperatures is dangerous. Some chemicals contain minimum quantities of ammonia. So the last thing you want is ammonia mixing with other substances and choking everyone.

2. School Documents

These documents need to be with you. School documents are irreplaceable, and suppose you do lose them. The process of getting duplicates is long. You also can’t risk any delays if you need to get your children admitted right away. So keep these documents in a neat stack with you while you travel.

3. Fertilizers and Weed Killers

If you enjoy gardening, you can keep your tools in the packing boxes. The same goes for your gardening clothes. However, fertilizers and weed killers get special treatment. You can’t store them in the back of a moving truck. So make sure you buy new ones where you go or take minute quantities. Chemicals under no circumstances can mix. If they do, you’re only creating a hazardous situation for yourself.

4. Medication

The medication comes broadly under pills, syrups, and band-aids. While gauzes and bandages can ride on a truck, you should prepare a medicine bag for yourself. Suppose you’re someone who has diabetes or needs to take medicines for migraines. Never pack them away. Even if you have medication in bulk, they should always go with you. The same goes for any EpiPens and anti-allergy medicines.

5. Cash

Some people think it may be okay to pack away cash. If you’re traveling with copious amounts, consider transferring your money through a bank. However, if you still want to travel with money, keep it all on you. Moving trucks can get robbed or experience delays. You don’t want to have to wait an indefinite period waiting for your cash.

6. Corrosive Fluids

If you have lighter fluids or car batteries, you can’t pack them for a moving truck. You should always contact the manufacturers about what to do with these batteries. They’ll let you know how you can fill them. However, if you don’t have a pressing need to take these fluids with you, consider safely disposing of them. Don’t increase your workload and stress levels by packing items you don’t need.

7. Keys

Your keys need to be on you and don’t you dare put them in your moving boxes while they come to you at a later time. Movers will require you to open your new house. You may even have keys to vaults and drawers that you can afford to get duplicated. The same goes for car keys and storage keys.

8. Perishable Items

If you’re traveling with food, make sure they go in your car. Please don’t take anything that’s dairy since it doesn’t take long for dairy to go wrong. Snacks that you can consume right away, like chocolate, are okay, but items like meat, cheese, and milk are a big no.

Wrap Up

You can take some things with you when you’re packing while the rest will go with moving trucks. Anything that you don’t need right away can ride the truck. These items are also replaceable and won’t cost you much. Keep in mind that moving processes often entail that movers get delayed. So the things you allow them to take for you can afford a few days delay. The items that you should carry you may need right away. These are your medicines, cash, and even snacks. Chemicals also should ride with you though you should buy new ones at your new home.