Using Strings of Lights for Decor

You may not consider string lights as an everyday décor, except for Christmas and in college dorm rooms. However, the fact that they look fabulous makes designers see the wonders they can do every day inside a grown-up home as well. There are so many ways to use these lights, as they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. They are great to use in dressing up a room or a spot in your home to make it look modern and chic. Plus, they are one of the few decorating items that are relatively inexpensive, yet adds greatly to the atmosphere of the room or home. 

Here are some fun ways you can try to incorporate string lights in your home décor:

Use it with clothespins to hang photos

There’s a lot of photos we save on our phones, but there are a few special ones we’d love to have printed. For these special photos, one way to display them beautifully is by clipping them with string lights placed on the wall. This kind of decoration is great for bedrooms, playrooms, home offices, and other casual areas in the house.

Wrap it around a mirror

Whether you have a full-length or interestingly shaped-mirror on the wall, you can jazz it up by placing a layer of string lights over the side of the mirror.

Drape it across the dining room

If you want a more inviting and festive-looking dining room, skip the usual chandelier or pendant light and swap it with string lights instead. Make the string lights run from end to end of the room to make it look festive. It gives a unique ambiance in your dining area once you flick on the lights. 

Use string lights as a divider

If you own an open-plan home, you know how tricky it can be to carve out specific spaces in the house. Using strategically-placed string lighting hung from one point of the ceiling to another can help define areas without needing walls. This also brings something interesting for the eyes if you have high ceilings. T

Use string lights to accent a gallery wall

Instead of adding accent lighting for your art, you can use a strand of lights with large bulbs to increase the beauty of your wall. This adds an urban, sophisticated touch to your interior. 

Illuminate a marquee sign

Typographic art is popular nowadays, and marquee letters are trendy. Adding string lights to it can make your name or word in lights using just basic supplies. If you don’t want to do DIY, check out these fun and quirky neon lighting signs you can decorate your home with. 

Say something using string lights

If you don’t want to use a marquee sign, spell out a word, a message, or your family name using string lights. No matter what message you want to convey, the lights can make your thoughts shine. Using just a few nails at key points to bring shape to the word, you are good to go.

Brighten up an exposed brick wall

An exposed brick wall gives an industrial feel to an interior. A great way to brighten it up is to add some string lights to it. But to keep it in theme, it’s best to choose lights with a black string, so the dark color still pops against the red bricks. 

Decorate the ceiling on the deck with rows of lights

Some people install a seating or lounging area underneath the deck. It makes sense because it’s open, but it still has a roof above the head. Make it seem more inviting by adding string lights across the ceilings. Install it in rows to make it bright during the night.

Make a DIY chandelier out of string lights

String lights can transform into a stunning light fixture for your dining room or any area in your home. With a circular frame, wrap-around several string lights and let the frame hang from the ceiling by chains. You may use an old chandelier for this. 

Fill your wine bottles with string lights to make a beautiful centerpiece

Are you keeping a lot of wine bottles because you are looking forward to your future self, making use of them someday? Now, here’s a great idea, why not fill them with lights? You just need to remove all the labels from the bottles to make it clean and clear, cleanse it on the inside, and then drill on the bottom of the bottle. Insert the non-cord end of the string lights in your drilled hole in the bottle. 

Make small shades for string lights out of small Dixie cups

Creating shades for each bulb on a strand of string lights disguises the bulbs in a cute and fun way. Simply cover Dixie cups with fancy paper to make it pretty and insert each bulb on the bottom of the cup. Hang these lights for your parties, child’s room, or over your bed if you want to. 

Decorate a canopy bed with it

If you own a canopy bed, consider giving it a magical touch by stringing some fairy or carnival string lights across its beams. This will provide a dreamy effect to your room.

Drape string lights from a point in the wall to make it act as a bedside lamp

So, your bedroom is missing a bedside lamp. Make a fancy yet effortless-looking lamp by draping string lights on the wall next to your bed. Simply put a nail or hook at the middle height of the wall, then let the string lights dangling from it.

Brighten up rustic ladder decorations with it

If you decorated your house with one of those rustic wooden ladders and you feel like you’re getting tired of it, update the look using string lights. String up big-bulb lights on the ladder to make things exciting and bright. 

Use string lights to make your home office look brighter and more invziting

Do you have that corner wall with floating shelves, serving as your home office? You can look for ways to make the workstation feel more inviting by decorating your station with string lights placed across the shelves.

Use string lights as an accent to an accent wall

While a lot of people love to keep their walls white any white shade others love decorating their walls in deep, jewel tones. If you’re one of them, consider stringing lights across one of those walls. The bulbs will pop against the dramatic shade, bringing an accent to an already statement-making wall.

String your lights around a doorway

Adding string lights around a doorway may feel a little inspired by college dorm aesthetics, but it’s totally a cozy way to bring more light into a room. Try making it feel more adult by upgrading from fairy lights to industrial drop lights with a black string.

Make a Christmas tree out of it

Don’t have a lot of space in your apartment? Thankfully, you can still put up a Christmas “tree” that can be just as beautiful as the real thing. Your Christmas lights on the walls can make it possible you just need to be creative. You can set up a tree outline using your Christmas lights and simply decorate it with star ornaments. Or, you can attach some twigs on your walls and decorate it with string lights as you wish!

Let the lights twinkle as you enjoy the holiday season. Check out these nifty ideas for keeping the tree out of your way until next year.

Create light globes

When the Christmas season is over, you can use string lights to light up the outdoor spaces of your home, such as decks, garden, and patios. But instead of stringing them up, try making light globes with it. These circular decorations are perfect for hanging in your trees.

Create a fall leaf garland

Don’t you just love autumn? Celebrate the season by draping string lights on your walls or on your railings. Instead of using it with green garlands just like you do during Christmas time, simply clip on some dried and pressed fallen leaves on it. This creates a lovely fall display.