Using Strings of Lights for Decor

You may not consider string lights as an everyday décor, except for Christmas and in college dorm rooms. However, the fact that they look fabulous makes designers see the wonders they can do every day inside a grown-up home as well. There are so many ways to use these lights, as they … Read more

Unusual Pink Flamingo Decorations

Pink flamingo ornaments are one of the most popular decorations that people put on their yards and gardens. It’s because they can add a bright and fun ambiance to a plain-looking garden or space. But aside from being a lawn ornament, there are now lots of other pink flamingo decorations that can … Read more

Guide to Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes

Garden gnomes are popular lawn ornament figurines of small humanoid creatures which are known as gnomes. These figurines traditionally depict male dwarfs wearing red pointy hats and they usually stand between one and two feet tall. But there are also miniature gnomes which only stand a few inches in height. Garden gnomes … Read more